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The Sphinx Volume 5 (Mar 1906 - Feb 1907)
by Albert M. Wilson


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The Sphinx Volume 5 (Mar 1906 - Feb 1907) by Albert M. Wilson
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NO. 1: MARCH 19061
Kansas City, Mo., March 15, 19062
Howard Thurston At Grave Of Dante (Oscar Eliason) Picture2
Biograpical Clifford P. Norton3
The Pro And Con Of Spiritualism - By F.W.King Chapter X3
Spring (Poem) Puck3
Magician's Doings4
- In Vaudeville4
- Magic Shows4
- Entertainers5
- New Zealand Notes5
- English Notes By Henry Whiteley6
Hartley's Impromptu Magic Table By Robert Hartley6
The Floating Ball - A New Version By D.A. Breen6
Gentle, But Effective7
S.A.M. Notes Oscar S. Teale7
The Phamtom Ball8
Inexhaustible Coin Feke Dropper By L. Cohen9
Handkerchief And Flowers By Robert Gifford9
The Magic Fountain By Walter M. Jackson10
Atlas Trick Co. Backroom-Workshop Picture10

NO. 2: APRIL 190613
Kansas City, Mo., April 15, 190613
Biographical Eugene Schroeder15
The Pro And Con Of Spiritualism - By F.W. King Chapter XI "Twenty Minutes In Spookland"15
A New Method Of Disappearing A Card By "The Kardells"15
Magician's Doings16
- In Vaudeville16
- Entertainers16
- Magic Shows17
- The Magic Of Japan By Henry Whiteley17
The Bewitched Walking Stick By Charles Trickey17
S.A.M. Notes Oscar S. Teale19
A Good Finish To The Thimble Trick By Robert Gifford19
English Magicians That Puzzle Experts By Chas. Medrington20
A Coin Sleight By Robert Gifford20
New Subtle Paper Trick By Charles Trickey20
A Clever, Simple And Mysterious Trunk Trick By A.C. Boese21
An Introducting Card Sleight By Leroy Koehn21
Orginal Palm For Eggs By Charles Shepherd21
"Duped" (Poem) By Charles Shepherd21
Novel Chair Servante By James Griffen21
Physiognomical Picture By Marshall P. Wilder22
Tantalizing Glass Trick By Walter S. Dunkel22

NO. 3: MAY 190625
Kansas City, Mo., May 15, 190626
A Night AT Martinka's S.R. Ellison, M.D.26
A Great Loss - Lorenze26
Morey's Column26
Biographical Mr. & Mrs. Frank H. Keller27
The Pro And Con Of Spiritualism - By F.W. King Chapter XII27
Magician's Doings28
- In Vaudeville28
- Magic Shows28
- Entertainers29
- English Notes By Henry Whiteley29
- New Zealand Notes29
- S.A.M. Notes Oscar S. Teale30
- An Adventure With A Handcuff King - Arthur Storm By Charles Medrington30
A New Method For Working The Rising Cards From Glass By The "Kardelles"31
A Novel Flying Cannon Ball By Charles Trickey31
The Contents Of An Envelope By G.H. Thompson31
The Crystal Coffin By Anonymous32
The Nest of Boxes By Knaus, Wizard32
Officers - Founder - First President Society Of American Magicians33
A Good Suggestion By Chas. J. Bagley34
Mental Interlude By Walter S. Dinkel34

NO. 4: JUNE 190637
Kansas City, Mo., June 15, 190638
Biographical Adrian Plate39
The Pro And Con Of Spiritualism - By F.W. King Chapter XIII39
The Forune Telling Coin In The Glass Jar By Robert Gifford39
Magician's Doings40
- In Vaudeville40
- Entertainers40
- Magic Shows41
Ink And Water Mystery By Walter S. Dunkel41
English Notes By Henry Whiteley41
The Bird And Cotton Trick By Robert Gifford41
S.A.M. Notes Oscar S. Teale42
A "Sphinx" Combination By Chas. Shepherd42
Second Annual Banquet Of The S.A.M. Oscar S. Teale43
The Adventures Of Arthur Storm - No. 2 By Charles Medrington43
An Improved Torn Card Restoration By Chas. J. Hagen44
A Keyhole To Success By Charles S. Eby45
David E. Stifft Picture45
Forcing By T.J. Crawford45
British Magical Society Fred Walker46

NO. 5: JULY 190649
Kansas City, Mo., July 15, 190650
Esoteric Cogitations On Patter50
Biographical Maro51
The Cut And Restore Ribbon By G.A.Anderson51
Another Way To Restore A Torn Card BY Charles J. Hagen51
Handkerchief Spider51
Still Another Way To Work The Rising Cards Louis N. Miller51
Magician's Doings52
- In Vaudeville52
- S.A.M. Notes Oscar S. Teale53
The Four Ace Trick By James W. Griffin53
Some Magicians I Have Met By William J. Hilliar53
How To Break Up A Card Party By Geo. H. Stipp54
A Good Finish To The Rice Bowl Trick By Prof. Gustav Miller55
A New Move With A Billiard Ball By "Leonzo" (L.A. Young)55
A New Rabbit Jar By Robert Madison56
The Adventures Of Arthur Storm - No. 3 By Charles Medrington56
Among The Dealers56
To Change A Glass Of Confetti Into A Glass Of Liquid By Charles J. Hagen57
The Stage Manager's Memory By G.V. Long57
An Effective Card Trick By Leo Pullmann57
New Zealand Notes58

NO. 6: AUGUST 190661
Kansas City, Mo., Aug. 15, 190662
Biographical Robert Nickel63
Thos. W. Yost Picture63
Incantation To The Devil's Punch Bowl63
Magician's Doings64
- The Passing Show64
That Four Ace Trick By Le Roy Koehn64
S.A.M. Notes Oscar S. Teale65
A Wine And Water Combination65
Morey's Column By Elbert M. Morey66
- Card Passes66
Looking Backward By Henry Hatton66
Organ Pipes Excelsior By Chas. J. Hagen67
Mind Reading67
English Notes By Henry Whiteley67
Prof. W.H.H. Pugh, An Historical Sketch By R.I. Holbrook68
- Prof. Pugh Picture68
Some Magicians I Have Met By William J. Hilliar68
Notes From New Zealand69

NO. 7: SEPTEMBER 190673
Kansas City, Mo., Sept. 15, 190674
T. Nelson Downs By Clayton Wyatt74
Biographical Lorenzo Dana Walden75
Looking Backward. II By Henry Hatton75
- Robert Heller Picture75
Magician's Doings76
- The Passing Show76
S.A.M. Notes Oscar S. Teale77
Australian Notes By C. Howard Irving77
Palming Coins By Ora S. Hrmas77
To Pass Four Half Dollars Into A Glass Decanter By Henry Benson Lees78
Robert Heller's Seances Programme78
Something New With Billiard Balls By William J. Hilliar78
Heller Programme Part First79
Heller Programme Part Second79
Heller Programme Part Third79
Keller And Wife Fishing Picture79
Card And Envelope Trick By Robert Gifford79
Three Graves By Francis J. Martinka80
Herrmann Grave Picture80
Kratky-Baschik Grave Picture80
Kratky-Baschik Theatre Picture81
Leonzo's Card Palm By "Leonzo" (L.A. Young)81
A Novel Coin Vanish By The "Kardells"81
His Startling Trick81

NO. 8: OCTOBER 190685
Kansas City, Mo., Oct. 15, 190686
Good Finale to The Rising Card Trick By S. Bradford Sherman86
Biographical David P. Abbott87
Some Modern Sorcery By David P. Abbott87
Some Modern Sorcery - Continued By David P. Abbott88
Some Modern Sorcery - Continued By David P. Abbott89
Some Modern Sorcery - Continued By David P. Abbott90
Some Modern Sorcery - Continued By David P. Abbott91
Looking Backward - III By Henry Hatton92
S.A.M. Notes Oscar S. Teale92
"Hear It Break" By W.S. Walter, D.D.S.93
An Improved Aga By Louis N. Miller93
The Passing Show94

NO. 9: NOVEMBER 190697
Kansas City, Mo., Nov. 15, 190698
A New Versaion Of The Great Air-Balloon Trick By L.G. Farber98
Bigraphical F.J. Stahl99
From Howard Thurston99
The Double Twirl By Lewis R. Hillier99
Magician's Doings100
The Passing Show100
Some Genuine Mind Reading By Chas. S. Weller100
S.A.M. Notes Oscar S. Teale101
Book Notes101
Heller's Wonders Programme102
Looking Backward - IV By Henry Hatton102
"Some Magicians I Have Met" By William J. Hilliar103
An Old Effect Made New103
Billiard Ball from A Handkerchief By Prof. Gustav Miller103
Back Palming Of Coins By Benedict104
Original Parlor Trick With Cards By Chas. G. Shephered104
A Trick Egg By Bradford Sherman104
"A New Thought On Billiards" By Chas. P. Hopping105
A Good Opening For The "Multiplying Billiard Balls" By Mayo105
One On Laurant105
The Latest Envelope And Handkerchief Trick By Bradford Sherman105

NO. 10: DECEMBER 1906109
Kansas City, Mo., Dec. 15, 1906110
Among The Dealers110
Biographical Eugene Laurant111
- Eugene Laurant Picture111
- Sword Casket Picture111
- Mrs. Laurant Picture111
Modern Magic (Poem) By John N. Hilliard111
Magician's Doings112
- The Passing Show112
Miller's Original Mystical Globes By Louis N. Miller (Louine)112
A Wrinkle In A Card Effect By F. R. Ogden112
S.A.M. Notes Oscar S. Teale113
Book Notes113
A Ball And Casket Illusion By J. Darst114
A Wrinkle With Ping Pong Balls By Chas. J. Hagen114
Looking Backward - V By Henry Hatton115
Neat Parlor Trick By T.J. Crawford115
Nada, An Illusion By H.F.C. Suhr116
Berlin From The Magical Point Of View In September And October E. Harkewitz116
The Rising Cards By Benedict117
Remember By J.W.Snider117

NO. 11: JANUARY 1907121
Kansas City, Mo., Jan. 15, 1907122
Paper Tearing Trick By S. Bradford Sherman122
The Money Melted122
Biographical Oscar S. Teale123
Some "Ledger" Demain Knaus Wizard123
A Good Parlor Effect By Robert N. Madison123
A Handkerechief Change By Robert Gifford123
Magician's Doings124
- The Passing Show124
Bran New Illusion Sublett124
S.A.M. Notes Oscar S. Teale125
Book Notes125
"An Exchange"(With Cards) By Chas. P. Hopping126
The Penetrating Billiard Ball By Gustav Miller126
A New Way To Do The Broken Plate Trick By Robert Gifford126
House In Which Carl Herrmann Died Picture127
Berlin Letter (Continued)127
A Brilliant New Card Trick128
Ziska And Friends Picture128
From Howard Thurston128
British Magical Society129
Did You ever--? (Poem) By G.V. Lang129

NO. 12: FEBRUARY 1907133
Kansas City, Mo., Feb. 1907134
Biographical Signor Blitz135
- Signor Blitz Picture135
A Few Original Suggestions By Louis N. Miller (Louine)135
To Prove That You Have No Thread Attached, "And Still You Have" "Russell, The Magician"135
Materializing A Woman Sketch Caricature135
Magician's doings136
- The Passing Show136
S.A.M. Notes Oscar S. Teale137
English Notes Henry Whiteley137
New Magic By Charles Medrington138
- A New Handkerchief Production138
- A Startling Flag Trick First Method138
- A Startling Flag Trick Second Method138
Magical Amenities Picture138
"Album Mysterious" By E.R. Burdette139
Red And Black By Chas. G. Shepherd139
An Expose By Benedict140
Charles S. Eby And Eleanore Picture140
Australian Notes C.H. Irving140
For Charity By Geo. H. Stipp141

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