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The Sphinx Volume 11 (Mar 1912 - Feb 1913)
by Albert M. Wilson


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The Sphinx Volume 11 (Mar 1912 - Feb 1913) by Albert M. Wilson
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NO. 1: MARCH 19121
Les Frimines - Mr. & Mrs Harry J. Freeman Bio3
A Little Combination By Surgeon Rell M. Woodward3
Mind Reading Idea By Russell3
The World Of Magic4
- Chicago Magicians' Club B.L. Gilbert5
- Boston Notes S. Wilson Bailey5
- London Letter Albert Lewis5
- Odds And Ends Clarence T. Hubbard6
- Kobb's Comments6
- Washington, D.C. News Chas. S. Eby6
- Baltimore News John Dewitz6
- Cleveland Notes Grdina7
- Magic In Nashville T.J. Crawford7
- Columbus, O. News E. Carson Blair (Kona Byata)7
- Society Of Professional Magicians J.E. Pierce7
- San Francisco Magic News Syril Dusenberry7
- S.A.M. Report Francis J. Werner8
The Easy Path To Wizardom By De Vega8
- The Mystic Pills8
- The Climbing Ring8
The Bottomless Glass By H.A. Robinson9
The Editor's Page10
Twists Of Fancy By Lionel Scott11
- The "Clean" Color Change11
Flying Aces By H. Smith11
The Paper Hens By Glenn Ellsworth Engstrom12
Is Magic A Science? By Oscar S. Teale13
To Load The Tube For The Color Change By Russell14

NO. 2: APRIL 191221
A Method Of Working The Diminishing Cards By Surgeon Rell M. Woodward23
Dunninger's Improved Table top By The Mysterious Dunninger23
Did It Ever Occur To You By De Bon23
The World Of Magic24
- Providence, R.I. News J.H. Percival24
- Baltimore News John H. DeWitz25
- Buffalo, N.Y. News J.P. Oruson25
- Detroit Items R.W. Augustine25
- Society Of Professional Magicians J.E. Pierce25
- Pittsburgh, Pa., Letter Harrison25
- Chicago Magicians' Club B.L. Gilbert25
- Demon's Club Notes - Baltimore Louis E. Shilling26
- Columbus, O., Notes E.E. Blair26
- Dundee Society Of Magicians A.R. Small26
- London Letter Yelmah26
- English Letter Fred Sinclair27
- Spotlights Clarence T. Hubbard27
- S.A.M. Report Francis J. Werner28
- S.A.M. 4th Annual Vaudeville28
Twists Of Fancy By Lionel Scott29
- Slice Of Ham29
- Uncle, Did you Let Them Fall? Cartoon29
A Good Trick Worth Copying By W.D. Leroy29
Editor's Page30
Russell's Levitation Lift Russell31
The Easy Path To Wizardom By De Vega31
- Rapid Transit Of The Kings And Sevens31
To Name Card Thought Of And Reveal Its Position In Pack32
The Adhesive Cards And Handkerchief32
Too Much for Magic32
Prof. Mist Cartoon33
Blair's Mystic Production E. Carson Blair33

NO. 3: MAY 191241
A Suggestion Regarding Adrian Plate's "Great Poker Trick" By Surgeon Rell M. Woodward43
A Simple Handkerchief Production By Royal Scott43
Had He Said Yes Joke43
The World Of Magic44
- Boston Notes S. Willson Bailey44
- Buffalo, N.Y., News J.P. Ornson44
- The Pacific Coast Society Of Magicians44
- San Francisco Notes H. Syril Dusenbery44
- Kobb's Komments45
- Society Of Detroit Magicians R.W. Augustine45
- London Letter Yelmah45
- Society Of Twin City Magicians F.H. Ford45
- Hartford Items Clarence T. Hubbard46
- Boston Items Leroy46
- Demon's Club Notes- Baltimore46
- Chicago Magicians' Club Entertainment Report B.L. Gilbert46
- Society Of Professional Magicians J.E. Pierce47
- Philadelphia Notes J.E. Pierce47
- The Yogi Club Of Philadelphia Magicians Gustave L. Bohn47
- Columbus, O., Notes E. Carson Blair47
- Baltimore News J.H. DeWitz47
- S.A.M. Report Francis J. Werner48
Twists Of Fancy Lionel Scott39
- A New Color Change49
"4 Get It" Comments49
A New Method Of Working The Dye Tube By Dr. Ford B. Rogers49
Card To Coin By George Troseth49
Production Of Thimble49
The Editor's Page50
Further Discussion Of Magic By V.K.Allison51
The Easy Path To Wizardom By De Vega52
- Cards, Handkerchier And A Mistake52
Triple Thought Waves52
Spirit Ball And Plates By J. Edward Stewart52
Conjuring Is The Most Honest Of All Professions By G.G. Laurems53
Billiard Ball Production By C.F. Eason53
Do You Know? By H. Syril Dusenbery53
Sitio! (I Am Thirsty) By Max Cadet54
Easy Life By Van Gilder54
The Superior Rising Cards By Charles Neil Smith55

NO. 4: JUNE 191261
Mr. T.V. Twinning Bio63
Dunninger's New Servante By The Mysterious Dunninger63
Changing And Multiplying Silk By H. Smith63
The World Of Magic64
- Just Think Of It65
- Chicago Magicians' Club B.L. Gilbert66
- Society Twin City Magicians F.H. Ford66
- Demons' Club Notes Baltimore66
- Society Of Detroit Magicians R.W. Augustine57
- London Letter Yelmah67
- S.A.M. Report Francis J. Werner67
- S.A.M. Banquet68
A Useful Wand By John H. Wewitz69
The Editor's Page70
Further Discussion Of Magic By V.K. Allison70
Twists Of Fancy By Lionel Scott71
- The Scott-Burgoyne Combination Box71
An Old Trick, "The Dyeing Tube," With A Few Variations By Tom C. Bonney71
The Ne-Kro-Mancer Man (Poem) By Surgeon Rell M. Woodward72
The Quick And The Dead By Mantell73
Magical Suggestions By R. Carson Blair (Kona Byata)74
- The Mysterious Cornucopia74
Reciprocity With A Card And Handkerchief By G.V. Long74

NO. 5: JULY 191281
John T. Halloran (Slygo) Bio83
Uncle Feelix's Correspondence Column Satire83
The Mysterious Clock By Edwin Bloom83
The World Of Magic84
- Baltimore Demons Club Notes Louis E. Shilling84
- Hartford Notes C.T. Hubbard85
- Buffalo, N.Y., News J.P. Ornson85
- Cleveland Notes Grdina85
- Boston Notes W.D. Leroy86
- London Letters Yelmah86
- Chicago Magicians' Club Report B.L.Gilbert86
Ellison Collection Picture87
Electric Magic By H. Syril Dusenbery88
- Rising Cards88
My Chinese Combination By Bradley M. Fischer88
A Little Illusionary Act By Wilford Hutchinson89
A Suggestion Heger89
The Editor's Page90
Further Discussion Of Magic By Van Allison90
Twists Of Fancy By Lionel Scott91
- The Scott-Burgoyne Combination Box91
Opening For Handkerchief Manipulation Act By C.F. Eason91
The Easy Path To Wizardom By De Vega92
- The Mystic Card And Envelope92
The Obedient Tube By H. Syril Dusenbery93
Eco de Paris A Blanche93

NO. 6: AUGUST 1912101
James L. Barton (El Barto) Bio103
Uncle Feelix's Correspondence Column Satire103
The Magician's Garden By Bradley M. Fischer103
The World Of Magic104
- San Francisco Notes Syril Dusenbery104
- Madison, Wis., News Oswald Krueger104
- Cleveland, O., Notes105
- London Letter Yelmah105
- English News Fred Sinclair106
- S.A.M. Report106
A Point To Hertz107
Improvement On Keller Growth Of Flowers By R.De Shong107
The Accommodating Table By V.K. Allison107
Another Hat Loading Device By V.K. Allison108
A Good Parlor Trick By D.W. O'Neil108
The Concealed Name Discovered By Orestes - A.B. Senter108
Is Magic Dead? By G.G. Laurens109
Drum Head Tube And Cassette With Borrowed Marked Handkerchief By Mahatma (W.H. Mason)109
The Editor's Page110
Magic As An Education By C.F. Eason110
Dog Lands Prisoner110
Twists Of Fancy By Lionel Scott111
- The Myth111
- One To Five111
- The Nymph111
The Easy Path To Wizardom By De Vega112
- Transportation Extraordinary112
The Invisible Guide112
The Invisible Servante By Wilford Hutchinson113
Chosen Cards Rise From An Examined Card Case By Slygo113
No Place For A Magician113
Electric Magic By H. Syril Dusenbery113
A Novel Idea For The Miser's Dream By Sheldon Simms115
Shower Of Silks By Harold Smith115
Dunninger's Demon Wine Glass By The Mysterious Dunninger115
A New Method Of Production By Henry G. Golden116

William Benjamin Caulk Bio123
Uncle Feelix's Correspondence Column Satire123
The World Of Magic124
- Los Angeles News John Stathem124
- Society Professional MagiciansJ.E. Pierce125
- Boston Items Sam Bailey125
- Hartford Items C.T. Hubbard125
- Chicago Magicians' Club B.L. Gilbert125
- San Francisco H. Syril Dusenbery126
- Pacific Coast Society Of Magicians126
- London Letter Yelmah126
- Buffalo, N.Y., News J.P. Ornson126
- Rhode Island Society Of Magicians Leon Sylvian127
- Cleveland Notes Grdina127
- English Letter Fred Sinclair127
Suggestions by Clarence T. Hubbard128
Current Literature128
Anent The Spirit Paintings By A.M. Wilson, M.D.129
A Good Handkerchief Change By Henry G.Golden129
The Editor's Page130
Twists Of Fancy by Lionel Scott131
- The Tramp Magician131
- The Transpsition131
- The One Handkerchief Color Change131
Antonio Molini Obit131
The Easy Path To Wizardom By De Vega132
- The Atmospheric Knot132
- The Mystic Revelation132
- The Magnetic Knife132
A Novel Combination By Tom C. Bonney132
A Novel Die Vanish By The Mystgerious Dunninger133
Novum Experimentum! By Van Allison133
A Home-Made Table By Roy E. Burke134
A Few Sleights By Wm. Braun & Thomas O'Connell134
Electric Magic By H. Syril Dusenbery135

NO. 8: OCTOBER 1912141
Sung Chaun Li Bio143
Uncle Feelix's Correspondence Column Satire143
The World Of Magic144
- El Barto's Route144
- Great Raymond Secured by Cort144
- Buffalo, N.Y., News J.P.144
- Society Professional Magicians J.E.Pierce145
- Rhode Island Society Of Magicians Leon Sylvian145
- Here And There Clarence T. Hubbard145
- San Francisco Notes H. Syril Dusenbery146
- The Pacific Coast Society Of Magicians146
- London Letter Yelmah146
- S.A.M Report Francis J. Werner147
Improved Rising Pencil By Lloyd Knight147
The Devil's Rosary By Surgeon Rell M. Woodward148
Metamorphosis By Van K. Allison148
A New Handkerchief Feke By The Mysterious Dunninger149
Bradley M. Fischer Explains Interesting Tricks149
- The Changing Balls149
- Fischer's Flower And Silk Combination149
- New Restored Card149
A Mathematical Card Trick149
Not Thinking Of Himself149
The Editor's Page150
Twists Of Fancy By Lionel Scott151
- A Surprise151
- Combination No.2151
- Scott's New Twist151
- The Casket And The Handkerchiefs151
Rhapsody On Dr. Ellison's Magical Models (Poem) By Wm. J. Nixon151
Advantages Of Being A Mindreader151
The Easy Path To Wizardom By De Vega152
- The Speciaol Transmission152
A Neat Handkerchief Combination By Henry G. Golden153
Electric Magic by H. Syril Dusenbery154
Further Discussion Of Magic By Van Allison155

NO. 9: NOVEMBER 1912161
Felix Herrmann Bio163
The World Of Magic164
- Thurston's Route164
- Spokane News E.V. Klein164
- Boston Notes W.D. Leroy164
- Rhode Island Society Of Magicians Leon Cylvian165
- San Francisco Notes H. Syril Dusenbery165
_ The Pacific Coast Society Of Magicians165
- Buffalo, N.Y., News By J.P. Ornson165
- Glasgow, Scotland W.C. Bell165
- London Letter Yelmah166
- Lucky Joke166
- Kobb's Komments166
-- Edwin Brush166
-- Eugene Laurant166
-- Carl Geramin166
-- Harry Morphet166
-- Barnes & King166
- Demon's Club Notes166
- Columbus, Ohio, Items Orestes A.B. Senter167
- Cleveland Notes Grdina167
Smith's Tube And Ball Change By Harold Smith167
A Good Dinner Table Trick By W.W.McWilliams167
S.A.M. Report Francis J. Werner168
- The Social Session168
Dunninger's Mystic Second Sight Box By The Mysterious Dunninger168
Uncle Feelix's Correspondence Column Satire169
Allison's Appearing Man By Van K. Allison169
The Editor's Page170
Twists Of Fancy By Lionel Scott171
- The Cone, Handkerchief And Flowers171
The Easy Path To Wizardom By De Vega172
- Coins Of Mercury172

NO. 10: DECEMBER 1912181
J. W. Harding Bio183
Electric Magic By H. Syril Dusenbery183
A Dead One C.T. Entwister183
The World Of Magic184
- Spot Lights From Hartford Clarence T. Hubbard184
- San Francisco Notes H. Syril Dysenbery185
- The Pacific Coast Society Of Magicians185
- Twin City Society Magicians F.H. Ford185
- The Rhode Island Society Of Magicians Leon Sylvian185
- Chicago Magicians' Club185
- Chicago Magic Notes B.L. Gilbert186
The Unique Confetti & Card Trick By Wilford Hutchinson186
London Letter187
S.A.M. Report187
Waco, Texas, Items Harold Smith187
Demon's Club Of Baltimore Charles F. Oursler188
The Yogi Club Of Philadelphia Gustav L. Gohn188
Buffalo, N.Y., News J.P. Ornson188
Boston Items W.D. Leroy188
The Bertillon Card Trick By Surgeon Rell M. Woodward188
For The Sphinx (Tips) By Russell189
The Editor's Page190
Twists Of Fancy By Lionel Scott191
- Your Pack Of Cards191
- Opening An Act191
- Real News! To You!191
A Novel Lemon And Handkerchief Trick By The Mysterious Dunninger191
The Easy Road To Wizardom By De Vega192
- Mirabile Cones192
- A Problem With Water192
- A Card Metamorphosis192
- A Card MetamorphosisContinued193
The "Caught" Card. Two New Fekes By Owen Clark194
Things Not To Say Or Do194
Uncle Feelix's Correspondence Column Satire194
Current Literature195
Reading The Cards By Hereward Carrington196
The Elusive Paper Balls By T.C. Bonney197

NO. 11: JANUARY 1913205
Owen Clark Bio207
The Latest Production By Maxwell Holden207
One Of Harry Helms Stories207
The World Of Magic208
- San Francisco Notes H. Syril Dusenbery209
- The Pacific Coast Society Of Magicians H. Syril Dusenbery209
- Columbus, O., Notes E. Carson Blair209
- Spot Lights From Hartford Clarence T. Hubbard209
- National Conjurors' Association Sheldon Simms210
- Buffalo, N.Y., News J. P. Ornson210
- Kobb's Komments210
-- Ching Ling Foo210
- James Totten210
- London Letter Yelmah210
- English Letter211
- Yogi Club Notes Gustav L. Bohn211
- Demons Club Of Baltimore Magicians Charles F. Oursler211
- S.A.M. Report Francis J. Werner212
- All Sorts Of Tricks Were Performed At A London Meeting213
Uncle Feelix's Correspondence Column Satire213
The Editor's Page214
Twists Of Fancy By Lionel Scott215
- Flyto215
- The Vanish215
Electric Magic By H. Syril Dusenbery216
Allison's Vanishing Ink Trick By V.K. Allison216
A New Year Resolution (Poem) By Uncle Feelix216
An Old Trick Made New By Owen Clark217
Things Not To Do217
Oneyone By C.T. Entwister217
E. Pluribus Unum By A.R. Cogswell217
The Easy Path To Wizardom By De Vega218
- The Itinerant Plant218
- The Alternate Card218
- Two Words Of Advice218
- Magnetic Attraction218
- The Sentinel218
Magic And The Law By Jacob Chasnoff218
The Spirit Foot by Prof. Robert Gifford219
Rising And Falling Ball By H.S. Allison220
New Color Changing Wand By Carold Kingsburgh220
An Old Gem Reset By Clarence T. Hubbard220
The Slip Up To Date By Val Evans221
A Mix Up In Spirits Joke221

NO. 12: FEBRUARY 1913229
John J. Grdina Bio231
Spelling With Figures By Clarence T. Hubbard231
Improved Water-Bowl Production By The Mysterious Dunninger231
Another Suggestion231
The World Of Magic232
- Cleveland Notes John J. Grdina232
- Spot Lights From Hartford, Conn. Clarence T. Hubbard232
- The Rhode Island Society Of Magicians Wm. B. Chatterley232
- Providence Society Of Magicians J.H. Percival233
- Chicago Magic Notes B.L. Gilbert233
- Yogi Notes Gustav L. Bohn233
- S.A.M. Report Francis J. Werner234
- Chicago Magicians' Club B.L. Gilbert235
Uncle Feelix's Correspondence Column235
The Editor's Page236
Twists Of Fancy By Lionel Scott237
- Evanishment Ingenious237
Electric Magic By H. Syril Dusenbery238
E. Pluribus Unum By A.R. Cogswell238
Correspondence Adelaide Herrmann239
The Easy Path To Wizardom By De Vega240
- The Wand-E-Ring Handkerchief240
London Letter Yelmah141
The Spirit Of Frumenti by James Barton241
A Suggestion By Howard Kingsley241

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