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The Sphinx Volume 12 (Mar 1913 - Feb 1914)
by Albert M. Wilson


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The Sphinx Volume 12 (Mar 1913 - Feb 1914) by Albert M. Wilson
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NO. 1: MARCH 19131
Robert Heller (William Henry Palmer) Bio3
To Tear A Complete Deck Of Cards In Two By Russell3
What Happened To Jones Contest3
The World Of Magic4
- Ed. Reno's Route4
- Dana Walden's Route4
- Australian News C. Williams4
- London Letter Yelmah5
- S.A.M. Report Francis J. Werner6
- Yogi Notes Gustav L. Bohn6
- Society Of Detroit Magicians Notes W.H. Domzalski6
- Cincinnati Notes Charles N. Smith6
- San Francisco News H. Syril Dusenbery7
- Pacific Coast Society Of Magicians7
- Providence, R.I., Notes John H. Percival7
- Rhode Island Society Of Magicians Wm. Chatterley7
- Glasgow, Scotland W.E. Bell7
The Editor's Page8
A. De Lander8
The Elevator - Or Going Up By Herbert M. Richmond8
Twists Of Fancy By Lionel Scott9
- Second Suggestion For An Act9
A New Floating Ball By R. DeShong9
Electric Magic By H. Syril Dusenbery10
The Penetrating Card By The Mysterious Dunninger10
The Wizardly Wine By Sheldon Simms10
Concerning The Candle By Howard Kingsley11
Twentieth Century Trick With Selected Handkerchiefs By F.J. Stratman11
A Ball Slight By Pejaie Senrab11
Programs for Magicians By DeVega12
- Program No. 1 "The Unvited Guest"12
-- The Mystic Sign12
Uncle Feelix's Correspondence Column Satire13
Lettered Cards By Clarence T. Hubbard13
The Last Word In The Herrmann Matter Letter14
Rising Card On Palm Effect Paul R. Simple15
A New Version15

NO. 2: APRIL 191321
T. Roy Barnes Bio23
Bradley M. Fischer Explains Magic23
- Cabinet Illusion23
- Simple Coffee Cup Trick23
Mirabile Visu By Van K. Allison23
The World Of Magic24
- Society Of Detroit Magicians Notes W.H. Domzalski24
- Demon's Club Of Baltimore Magicians Charles F. Oursler25
- The Mystic Ring, Columbus, O. Wm. H. Moseley, Jr.25
- Spot Lights From Hartford Clarence T. Hubbard25
- London Letter Yelmah25
Handkerchief Pedestal Tip By Clarence T. Hubbard26
S.A.M. Report Francis J. Werner26
Uncle Feelix's Correspondence Column Satire27
The Editor's Page28
August J. Rehbein Obit28
Aid To Miser's Dream By Clarence T. Hubbard28
Twists Of Fancy By Lionel Scott29
- Paper Tearing Trick29
Two Methods For A Pretty Trick By Van K. Allison29
Programs For Magicians By De Vega30
- Multiplying Chair30
- Bottle To Flowers30
- Napkin To Apple30
- Winged Flight - Floral Transit30
- A Crack Shot31
Yogi Notes By Gustav L. Bohn31
Card Painting Extraordinary By Herbert M. Richmond31
Do You Know31
Sealed Letter Reading By Hereward Carrington32
The Cards On The Hat Russell32
Some Fun With A Boy And A Handkerchief By J.T. Kelsey33
A Fortune Telling Trick By John H. Percival33
Some More Variations In Connection With The Dyeing Tube By Tom C. Bonney34
A Magic Act In Black And White By Ralph Brown Graham34
The Twenty-Seven Card Trick By Herbert M. Richmond35
Do You Know? By Harold Smith (Deann)36

NO. 3: MAY 191341
Frank Hermann Keller Bio43
Magical New York Cartoon43
Oh! That Final Ball43
Some Magic By Jos. Dunninger43
- Improved Card Levitation43
The World Of Magic44
- New York Notes44
- Chicago Magicians' Club H.S. Paine44
- San Francisco News H. Syril Dusenbery45
- Pacific Coast Society Of Magicians45
- Demons' Club Of Baltimore Magicians Charles F. Oursler45
- Maiius Cazeneuve Obit45
- Spotlights From Hartford, Conn. Clarence T. Hubbard46
- Society Of Professional Magicians J.E. Pierce46
- S.A.M Report Francis J. Werner46
- A Magicians's Philosophy By George Schulte47
- Yogi Notes Gustav L. Bohn47
- The Magicians' Club, London47
- London Letter Yelmah48
- Chicago News George Schulte48
Twists Of Fancy By Lionel Scott49
- Solid Soap Bubbles49
The Production Of A Table From A Handkerchief By Ralph Brown Graham49
Programs For Magicians By De Vega50
- The Trials Of A Dog50
- And When The Pie Was Opened50
- Yelping Sausages50
Bradley M. Fischer Explains Interesting Tricks50
- The Japanese Combination50
Billiard Ball Changement By Wm. Roberts50
Index To Vol. X; March 1911, Feb. 192151
- Index (Continued)52
Index to Vol. XI; March 1912 - February 191353
- Index (Continued)54
A Method For Performing The Card Levitation Without Prepared Cards Or Accessories By W.W. McWilliams55
The Magician's Challenge By Herbert M. Richmond55
The Editor's Page56
Un-Named Card Trick by Saxton Pope57
A Lazy Tong57
Amateur Department T.J. Crawford58
- The Vanishing Cigarette58
- The Magic Multiplier58
- The Egg And Confetti58
Personal Notes58
Notes From The Society Of Detroit Magicians W.H. Domzalski58
The Mystic Ring E. Carson Blair59
Art Of Magic (Poem) By Paul R. Semple59

NO. 4: JUNE 191365
De Vega Bio67
Miscellany By Ralph Brown Graham67
- Billiard Ball To A Handkerchief67
- A Substitute For The Rabbit67
- An Improvement67
- A Question67
- Production Of Chosen Card67
An Elusive Card By Herbert M. Richmond67
Unique Ball Vanish 67
The World Of Magic68
- Cleveland Notes J.J.Grdina68
- Spot Lights from Hartford Clarence T. Hubbard68
- Society Of Detroit Magicians W.H. Domzalski69
- The Rhode Island Society Magicians William B. Chatterley69
- National Conjurors' Association69
- English Letter Fred Sinclair70
- Pacific Coast Society Of Magicians H. Syril Dusenbery70
- Society Of Professional Magicians J.E. Pierce70
Uncle Feelix's Correspondence Column Satire71
A New And Original Break For Locating The Chosen Card By Slygo71
Life's Philosophy By George Schulte71
Instantaneous Transformation Of Water Into Ink By Max Cadet72
A Combination By Paul R. Semple72
How Mediums Perform Their Slate-Writing Tests By Hereward Carrington73
Programs For Magicians By De Vega74
- Yelping Sausages74
- Sister Visitor (Stop, Traveler!)74
A New Cigarette Vanish By V.K. Allison74
Suggestions And Tricks By J.A. Boyd75
- Boyd's Diminishing Coin75
- The Can-teen75
- Thumb Tie75
- A Good Card Trick75
- Boyd's Indetectable Rising Cards75
The Editor's Page76
Harry Kellar Picture77
The Magic Handkerchief And Paper Strips By Bradley M. Fischer77
An Old Trick Revised77
The Changing Cards77
Magic Mirror77
Do You Know?77

NO. 5: JULY 191385
The Dunninger Die Box87
Magical Tips By Clarence T. Hubbard87
The World Of Magic88
- News From New York88
- The Mystic Ring E. Carson Blair88
- News From Providence, R.I. W.B. Chatterley88
- The Society Of Detroit Magicians W.H. Domzalski89
- Spot Lights From Hartford Clarence T. Hubbard89
- Society Of Professional Magicians J.E. Pierce89
- S.A.M. Report Francis J. Werner90
- Tenth Annual Dinner90
- Kobb's Comments91
- Dana Walden's Route91
- London Letter Yelmah91
Amateur Department T.J. Crawford92
- Advice To Amateurs By Wm. A Russell92
- The Penetrating Quarter92
- Coin In Match Box92
- Organization Proposed92
Uncle Feelix's Correspondence Column Satire92
Cincinnati Notes Charles Neil Smith93
Is The Knowledge Of Magic A Useful Knowledge? By G.G. Laurens93
Programs For Magicians By De Vega94
- Program No.294
--A Master Of Finance94
--Paper Money95
A Little Coin Trick By Wm. Roberts95
The Editor's Page96
Originalities By George Warren Dickins97
- Die Through Hat97
- A One-Handed Thought Force97
- Hooked Coin Sleights97
A Cure For A Bore97
An Out-Of-The-Way Stunt By Pejaie Senrab98
A Little News From Waco, Texas Harold Smith98

NO. 6: AUGUST 1913105
W.R. Richardson Bio107
A Latin Card Trick By Orestes A.B. Senter107
Devil's Disappero107
Had Him Story107
The World Of Magic108
- New York Notes108
- Spot Lights From Hartford Clarence T.L. Hubbard108
- Society Of Detroit Magicians W.H. Domzalski109
- Chicago Notes Peter N. Graef109
- H. Syril Dusenbery Bio109
- California News H. Syril Duesenbery109
- Pacific Coast Society Magicians109
- London Letter Yelmah110
- Kobb's Komments110
- Magic On Decline111
- Some Passing Thoughts George Schulte111
- A Quitter111
Magical Mathematics By Clarence T. Hubbard111
Amateur Deaprtment T.J. Crawford112
- Advice To Amateurs By William A. Russell112
- Preparing For An Entertainment By William A. Russell112
Handkerchief Dyeing112
Uncle Feelix's Correspondence Column112
Novel Rising Cards By H. Syril Dusenbery113
An Idea By Edward C. Conklin113
Programs For Magicians By De Vega114
- Multiplying Coins114
Interesting Tricks Explained By Bradley M. Fischer115
- Novel Cone And Ball Combination115
- Fischer's Rice And Water Tin115
Thoughts Of A Wizard By George Schulte115
Suspension Of A Glass By Edward C. Conklin115
The Editor's Page116
Billiard Ball Hints By Merton W. Hopkins117
Originalities By Geo. Warren Dickins118
- Chemical Magic A La Chris Van Berne118
- A Pretty Change118
- Lightning Sketching118
- A New Idea In Color Changes118
Deception Extraordinary By Van K. Allison118

NO. 7: SEPTEMBER 1913125
Del Adelphia Bio127
Stage Illusions For Amateurs By Vernon Dean127
Magical Comedy With A Slate By Clarence T. Hubbard127
The World Of Magic128
- New York Magical Notes128
- Dana Walden Alkarest Dates128
- Chicago Magicians' Club H.S. Paine128
- Chicago News Items H.S. Paine128
- Chicago Notes Peter N. Greaf129
- Spot Lights From Hartford Clarence T. Hubbard129
- Items Of Interest Francis J. Werner129
- London Letter Yelma129
- S.A.M. Report Richard Van Dien130
- Magischar Zirkel, Hamburg Karl Schroder130
Transformation Of Cane And Hat To Table By Ralph Brown Graham130
Uncle Felix's Correspondence Column Satire131
Amateur Department T.J. Crawford132
- Notes And Personal132
- Thurston Magic Club132
A Novel Way To Do The Handkerchief Dyeing Trick132
A Good Handkerchief Production And Twentieth Century Handkerchief Trick132
De Land's Ace Trick133
Combination Handkerchief Trick That You Can Make Yourself By Zig Zag133
The Editor's Page134
The Tennis Racket Card By H. Syril Dysenbery135
Thought-Reading Extraordinary135
Did Albini Invest The Egg Bag?135
The Kings Pie Clipping135
Programs For Magicians By De Vega136
- Blending Notes136
- The Undestroyable Bank Note136
- Notes From Space136
- The Phoenix Note136

NO. 8: OCTOBER 1913145
Hereward Carrington Bio147
An Open Letter147
I'm Not The Guy (Poem) By George Schulte147
The World Of Magic148
- New York Notes148
- Items Of Interest Francis J. Wernere148
- Chicago Magicans' Club H.S. Paine148
- Spot Lights From Hartford Clarence T. Hubbartd149
- Buffalo, N.Y. News A.P. Ornson149
- Society Of Twin City Magicians Report L.H. Van Camp149
- London Letter Yelma150
- Demons' Club Of Baltimore Magicians Charles F. Oursler150
- Society Of Detroit Magicians W.H. Domzalski150
- Pittsburg, Pa., Notes151
- Here's A Hot One By DeLand151
- Uncle Felix's Correspondence Column Satire152
The Man With The Clock152
The Spirit Cards by Charles Neil Smith153
The Lemon Trick (Another Version) By Harry Podmore153
The Editor's Page154
Twists Of Fancy By Lionel Scott155
- The Color Changing Flower Ball On The Tray155
Some Magic By Jos. Dunninger155
- Dunninger's New Rabbit Vanish155
Programs For Magicians By De Vega156
- Program No.3 A Christmas Program156
- Vanishing Cigar156
- Mystic Muffler156
- Fade Away Knot157

NO. 9: NOVEMBER 1913165
Eugenio R. Roca Bio167
A Ball Stunt By Ray C. Hayden167
Original Dope By Edward P. Conran167
The World Of Magic168
- S.A.M. Report Richard Van Dien168
- The Social168
- S.A.M. Report 129th Meeting168
- The Mystic Ring, Columbus, O., Notes E. Carson Blair168
- Society Of Detroit Magicians W.H. Domzalski169
- New York Magic Notes Joseph Klein169
- Chicago Magicians' Club H.S. Paine169
- Society Of Twin City Magicians Report L.H. Van Camp170
- Habana, Cuba170
- London Letter Yelma171
Magical Production Of Eggs By Richard F. McKinney171
Programs For Magicians By De Vega172
- Atmospheric Candles172
- Lighted Candle From Pocket172
- The Electric Touch172
- Oranges At Finger Tips172
- Travelling Fruit172
- The Tree172
- Red, White And Blue172
Philosophers - Philosophy George Schulte173
The Editor's Page174
Electric Magic By H. Syril Dusenbery175
A Conjurer Nonplussed By Chas. T. Oursler175
Amateur Department T.J. Crawford176
- Watch This One176
- Plant Production From Empty Tube176

NO. 10: DECEMBER 1913185
Improved Astra Levitation By Joseph Dunninger187
Mysterious Rubber Bands By Will De Seive187
The World Of Magic188
- S.A.M. Report R. Van Dien188
- New York Magical Notes Joe Klein188
- Chicago Magicians' Club H.S. Paine188
- Spot Lights From Hartford Clarence T. Hubbard189
- Dietric's Route189
- Society Of Detroit Magicians W. H. Domzalski189
- Twin City Society Of Magicians L.H. Van Camp189
- London Letter Yelma189
- English Notes Fred Sinclair190
Divining Rod - Fact Or Fake? By Charles F. Oursler191
What To Weat, While Performing Magic Stunts By Harry Podmore191
His Success191
Programs For Magicians By De Vega192
- The Snow Storm192
Uncle Felix's Correspondence Column Satire193
The Torn And Restore Paper Napkin By Tom C. Bonney194
Amateur Department T.J. Crawford195
- Mystifying Match Box195
- The Toothpick And Handkerchief By Richard F. McKinney195
- Repitition Without Detection By R.W. Hoel195
- An Idea For The Coffee Vase195
- Why Do We Laugh195
The Editor's Page196
Twists Of Fancy By Lionel Scott197
- The All Rubber Color Change197
- The Rising Cards - For The Home Entertainer197
- Medium's Pad, for The Beginner197
Simply Drop Them By Surgeon Rell M. Woodward198
An Acknowledgment198
T. Tasso Fischer's Numeral Box Trick Bradley M. Fischer198
The Vicissitudes Of Magic By George Schulte199
The Magic Kettle Act By H.Syril Dusenbery199
Psychological Moments, Or Saying The Right Thing At The Right Time By George Schulte200

NO. 11: JANUARY 1914209
Familiar Conjurors' Tricks Explained211
The World Of Magic212
- S.A.M. Report R. Van Dien212
- Ladies' Night Of The S.A.M. 212
- Route Of Dana Walden212
- Society Of Twin City Magicians L.H. Van Camp213
- London Letter Yelma213
- New York Magic Notes Joseph A. Klein214
- Spot Lights From Hartford, Conn. C;arence T. Hubbard214
- Society Of Detroit Magicians W.H. Domzalski214
Escape From A Locked Safe Trick214
A Suggestion By R.W.Hoel214
Twists Of Fancy By Lionel Scott215
- The Cone, Confetti And Eggs215
- The Flag And Ball215
Programs for Magicians By De Vega216
- Program No.4 Small Lodge Act216
- The Vanishing Cigarette216
- The Smoker's Vase216
- Egg In Hat216
Chatter And Patter By George Frederick Schulte217
A Vanishing Ball By H.A. Robinson217
Some Magic By Jos. Dunninger217
- Dunninger's New Thimble Table217
Life's Epigrams By George Schulte217
The Editor's Page218
Uncle Felix's Correspondence Column Satire219
Mercedes, The Musical Enigma By J.H. Percival219
Cane And Hat To Table Transformation By R.W. Hoel220
Knotted Handkerchief By Ladson Butler220
The Trickster Tricked220
What The Public Wants By George Schulte221

NO. 12: FEBRUARY 1914229
E.V. Klein Bio231
A Psalm Of Magic Poem231
Production Box By H.S. Applegate231
Life's Epigrams By George F. Schulte231
The World Of Magic232
- S.A.M. Report R. Van Dien232
- Dana Walton Dates232
- Route Of The Dietrics232
- Route Kalma & Co.232
- New York Magical Notes Joe Klein232
- Spot Lights from Hartford, Conn. Clarence T. Hubbard233
- Columbus, O., Notes E.C. Blair233
- London Letter Yelma233
- Society Of Detroit Magicians W. H. Domzalski234
- Pacific Coast Society Of Magicians H. Syril Dysenbery234
- Society Of Twin City Magicians L.H. Van Camp234
- Berkley, Calif. Vertelli Obit235
- Bradford, Pa.235
The Balancing Card By Silent Mora235
Tearing Things Up By Gerald Kaufman235
- Tearing Up A New Pack236
An Imrovement On The Vanishing Wand Trick By Joseph Schmidt236
Novel Card Stunts By H. Syril Dusenbery236
- A Novel Finish236
Coin Trick By Clayton W. Rosencrance236
De Land's Figure-It-Out Card Trick237
The Editor's Page238
Twists Of Fancy By Lionel Scott239
- The Inexhaustible Box239
Programs For Magicians By De Vega240
- The Egyptian Cubes240
- Twentieth Century Handkerchief Mystery240
Uncle Felix's Correspndence Column Satire241
Amateur Department T.J. Crawford242
- A New Double-Hand Pass242

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