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The Third Eye
by Davide Rubat Remond

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The Third Eye by Davide Rubat Remond

I started from Karl Fulves' idea called "Voodoo Cards", published on pp. 588-589 of The Pallbearers Review, Vol. 5-8 (November 1969 - October 1973), where a series of five effects proposed as bets are described, with the use of only three cards or tickets written on the spot. Always winning bets and of immediate revelation at first glance, also considering the fact that there are very few elements at stake and the (perceived) probability of success is 50%.

I propose an evolution of Fulves' work with three effects based on the same kind of principle, characterized by an apparent increasing difficulty, the first to be performed with four cards depicting some stylised geometrical symbols, the second with six cards and the images of six nice animals and finally with eight cards of the Major Arcana, selected from the 78 of the Tarot deck.

In all three cases cards will be dealt on the table, and some of these in pairs must be turned over in the opposite direction until a single pair of identical figures stands out among the other single cards.

One of the two figures in the pair must be covered by a hand, moved under the table or even enclosed in a small box. Once in front of the cards remaining on the table, all different, the illusionist will immediately be able to name the hidden figure. The ebook contains reproductions of all the cards needed to perform all the effects, for easy printing.

1st edition 2022, PDF 32 pages.
word count: 7344 which is equivalent to 29 standard pages of text