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The Wadcutter Catch
by Bob Cassidy

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The Wadcutter Catch by Bob Cassidy

Warning: Performing a Bullet Catch or Russian Roulette type of effect is extremely dangerous. Several people have died attempting such stunts. If you use any information from this ebook you are voluntarily and free willingly taking on any liability and risks to your, your helper's and your audience's well being.

It is one thing to read about such stunts. It is entirely different to actually do them. If you want our advice: Don't do them!

Bob Cassidy is a professional performer who has practiced and performed these type of effects and stunts for many years. In this ebook he shares his advice as well as his warnings. You will learn three effects:

  • A Russian Roulette effect, where four pistols are used, three loaded and one unloaded.
  • The Wadcutter Catch, where you catch a pellet of an airgun between your teeth.
  • The Hypo Slam, where a hypodermic needle, pointing upwards, is placed underneath one of six paper cups. The cups are mixed by the audience. Nobody knows under which cup the needle is. The performer slams his hand onto all but one cup avoiding the needle.

1st edition 2005; 31 pages.
word count: 10673 which is equivalent to 42 standard pages of text