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The Woman's Guide to Gambling

by John Scarne
#1 Gambling author
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The Woman's Guide to Gambling by John Scarne
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This is a sound gambling primer covering Blackjack, Bingo, Poker, Craps, Gin, Lotteries and Sweepstakes, Horseracing, Keno, Numbers, Slot Machines and Roulette. John also touches in various places on cheating and game protection.

From the inside flap of the book:

If you are one of the 48 million American woman who gamble - whether in private homes, clubs, Bingo halls, gambling casinos, poker rooms, or at the racetrack, in the numbers game, or in lotteries - then John Scarne's The Woman's Guide to Gambling is the book written specifically for you. Mr. Scarne, the world's foremost expert on gambling, found in a recent survey that the overwhelming majority of women gamblers had never read any book on gambling and that an alarming number really knew very little about the games they played.

Clear, simple explanations are provided for all the various games - blackjack, Bingo, gin, numbers, poker, craps, roulette, slot machines, keno, horse racing, sweepstakes, lotteries. Mr. Scarne describes each of these games fully and lucidly, revealing all sorts of ins and outs: his own betting principles for bank craps, his basic strategy rules for blackjack, his roulette methods for women. He defines all terms and procedures, from the basic to the most advanced, and gives hints on how and when to bet - and when not to.

An entire chapter covers an aspect of card-playing as important as knowing how to play - specifically, how to protect yourself against cheating. He describes easily recognizable mannerisms and behavior that will quickly identify the card cheater. To protect the woman card-player - who is not usually aware of card-cheating techniques, and therefore is more easily victimized than a man - Mr. Scarne describes and illustrates easy-to-learn procedures that lessen the risk of being cheated.

The Woman's Guide to Gambling is the first book on gambling written specifically for women. With it, every woman can learn how to win at gambling. She can have hours of great enjoyment and fun, and become a real expert as well.


  • Contents
  • Publisher's Note About the Author
  • 1 America's Panorama of Women Gamblers
  • 2 Gambling Primer for Women
  • 3 Bank Craps
  • 4 Blackjack, B.J., or Twenty-one
  • 5 Roulette
  • 6 Slot Machines
  • 7 Bingo
  • 8 Keno—Nevada Style
  • 9 The Numbers Game
  • 10 Lotteries
  • 11 Betting on the Horses
  • 12 How to Win at Gin Rummy
  • 13 How to Win at Poker
  • 14 Protection Against Card Cheats
1st edition 1967; PDF 136 pages.
word count: 59205 which is equivalent to 236 standard pages of text
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