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Theoretical Reality
by David Devlin


(3 customer ratings) ★★★★

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Theoretical Reality by David Devlin

This is a very in depth work on The Gozinta Boxes. This is not just a little eBook that teaches a single effect. It is a book on theories, philosophies, and thoughts on the effect; however, the thoughts on the effect itself that David discusses can be applied to all magic. This eBook really lets you in on the mind of David Devlin, how he thinks, how he puts routines together, and his feelings about magic as an art and the performance of magic. So, even if you do not use the illusion that is discussed you will learn ways of creating and improving routines of your own. The effect of the Gozinta Boxes is very simple. The magician displays a small red box. The magician opens the red box, and inside it is an even smaller black box. The black box is removed, and opened. It is seen to be completely empty. The larger red box is now cleanly and effortlessly placed inside the smaller black box!

The Gozinta Boxes work on an ingenious geometric principle, credited to Lubor Fiedler. The boxes are completely solid and rigid. They are not flexible, or elastic, and there are no sliding or moving parts, trap doors, substitutions or any such subterfuges. This eBook discusses the handling and presentation for this beautiful illusion. David discusses the illusion for close-up as well as for the stage. The close-up version is all in the hands, so it is perfect for strolling situations.

David worked for countless hours creating his routine. He refined the patter, came up with his own way of handling the boxes so that the magic is done completely in the hands and does not look like fumbling. It looks very precise and defined. The presentation is exact. There is no confusion. Everything is clear-cut. This is not presented as an illusion. It is not presented as skill. It is not even presented as a puzzle; it is presented as pure magic!

This eBook contains several photos, videos, and text to make learning this routine easy. You are given David’s handling of the boxes plus his complete comedic script (something that David seldom provides). Also included are links to sources that David has used to buy his Gozinta Boxes from the spectacularly cheap (less than $2) to the inexpensive (about $20) to the pretty darn expensive (around $120).

This is not a long routine by any means, but it is definitely a show highlight.

"Thank you! Finally, someone has thought-out hand positioning so the pocket size Gozinta Boxes makes sense. Now you can stroll with these while keeping them in view. I like the writing, it's logical and understandable." - Jay Leslie

1st edition 2014, 35 pages.
word count: 6492 which is equivalent to 25 standard pages of text