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Thought Transcribed
by Eddie Clever


(2 reviews, 2 customer ratings) ★★★★★

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Thought Transcribed by Eddie Clever

From the brilliant mind of Eddie Clever comes this astoundingly direct sealed question reading miracle. Every move has been thoroughly thought out and blended to flow into a smooth sequence.

There have been many methods devised for secretly divining written data on a card within a sealed envelope, but none, we firmly believe, is as baffling or as easy to do as this. Lifted directly from Eddie's routine for private seances, it has been an exclusive favorite of his, the modus operandi never once having been detected.

The envelope used is absolutely unprepared and so is the white card, which rules out the possibility of any cut, slit or window methods. In fact, both items are exactly as received from the local stationer's store - and both card and envelope may be initialed.

Once the spectator has sealed the envelope with the card inside (placed therein while held by the spectator), it is never touched by the performer. Transparency methods, utilizing liquids or lights, are out. Actually, at this point, the performer has no idea what was written by the spectator, yet the latter never once relinquishes his hold on the sealed envelope thereafter, nor does the performer need approach him.

If you're thinking about carbon or wax impressions, forget them, for there are none - also no electronics, chemicals, mirrors or clumsy switching devices. A truly one person effect.

The spectator sits clutching the initialed envelope and concentrating. Then, and only then, for the first time, the performer, while still at a distance, "gets" the exact thought which was previously written by the sitter. No, the performer does not ask any questions, nor does the spectator write anything more.

In its very simplicity lies its greatness. Use it to reveal a word, phrase, or for a design duplication effect.

"A method of obtaining the information right under the spectator's nose. Simple, direct and bold. Master this and you have something." - John Braun

"The detailed presentation, which emphasizes proper timing and selling, should make this an apparent miracle." - Sid Lorraine

"Stunning! This fried me, the first time I saw it. Clean and direct." - T. A. Whitney

1st edition circa 1945, PDF 11 pages.
word count: 4983 which is equivalent to 19 standard pages of text

Reviewed by Curtis Foster
★★★★★   Date Added: Thursday 08 December, 2022

Thoughts Transcribed is the solution for sealed message reading that I have been looking for.

Why? In addition to what the true ad copy reads and in no particular order: 1. More can be written on an index card than a business card, including a sitter’s whole thought or question; not just a word or a doodle. 2. There are no fishy moves; nothing unnatural or unnecessary. (There’s only one move or sleight if you can call it a sleight). 3. *Important: Thoughts Transcribed allows you as much time as you need to do the READ, which makes it ideal for longer messages or questions. It’s NOT just a quick peek unless you want it to be. 4. All you need is a pen, a stack of cards, and an envelope (and an ashtray, some lighter fluid, and a match if you want to destroy the envelope with the card inside instead of keeping it). 5. Can be performed seated, or with minor adjustments, standing up.

Five stars for sure.

Reviewed by Michael Cook (confirmed purchase)
★★★★★   Date Added: Sunday 26 May, 2019

This is really good! So simple, so devious. Definitely worth the price. Worth more than the price.