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by Alexander de Cova

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Treasures by Alexander de Cova

Alexander de Cova performs mostly stand-up, that means his magic is suitable for the small stage or platform. But many of his routines can also done close-up. In these lecture notes you will find some of his best effects, sleights, gimmicks, tips and ideas.

Alexander is a strong believer in utility sleights that can be used in different routines. Therefore you will find lots of material that deals with new techniques or variations on existing things which you can incorporate in your own routines and tricks.

1st edition 2004, 28 pages.

Table of Contents

  1. A Few Words Before
  2. Two Switch Boxes
  3. Jump off Knot
  4. The Baby Egg Bag
  5. A Rope Move
  6. Flash Card to Silk
  7. My Gumball Machine
  8. Utility Coin Switch
  9. Linking Pin Finale
  10. Blank Check Transpo
  11. Visible Ball to Silk
  12. Super Simple Miser’s Dream
  13. Cups & Balls Loading Technique
  14. Load Setup
  15. A Novel Ball Vanish
  16. Another Vanish
  17. Another Idea for the Load
  18. The Chopstick Vanish
  19. Tossing Technique
  20. Retrieving
  21. Another Bar Stunt
  22. Two Crazy Ideas
  23. Jumbo Coin Vanish
  24. Thumbtip Silk Vanish
  25. Thumbtip Table Load
  26. Easy Slotmachine
  27. Master Silks Routine

word count: 11244 which is equivalent to 44 standard pages of text
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