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Trevor Lewis

Trevor Lewis

(Holyhead, Gwynedd, Wales: 1st December 1932 - )

Learned in 1945 from magic set, library books, and Liverpool Magic Circle. Chief Engineer Officer with Sealink (retired). Semi-pro comedy close-up and stage magician. Also does kid-shows. Has played throughout Europe and visited USA 8 times. 1969 Magic Circle Close-Up Competition winner. 1971 British Ring Zina Bennett Close-up Trophy. 1976 FISM 1st prize in card magic, the first Briton to take this award. 1980 Crandall Trophy.

Wrote 4 books on kid-show magic, including More Party Pieces (1985, 54pp) and Still More Party Pieces (1990, 50pp). Tricks in Abra, Pabular, New Pentagram, Magic Circular, Magic Magazine, Magigram, Linking Ring (+ 1978 one-man "Parade"), Genii, etc. Welsh TV series "Triciau Trevor" [Trevor's Tricks]. Audio Children's Magic. See Phil Willmarth, Trevor Lewis Close-Up (1981). Video (1990).

Coauthors: Fred Kaps

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Trevor Lewis
Orbital by Trevor Lewis

You place a prediction in view. A spectator names any number between 1 and 50. You show a deck of cards and (without cutting or any moves) you count to that number. That card matches the prediction! Easy to do. No rough and smooth. [Note: These are merely the instructions that came with the prepared deck. You will not receive any cards. But it is easy to make up your own from a couple of duplicate cards.]

1st edition 1998; PDF 1 page.

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Trevor Lewis & Fred Kaps
Fred Kaps' Cups and Balls by Trevor Lewis & Fred Kaps

As taught by Fred Kaps to Trevor Lewis.

"This Cups and Balls routine has several Vernon touches; but there are alternative strategies which are truly outstanding and characteristic of the master, Fred Kaps." - Trevor Lewis

The warm, bright Mediterranean sunshine and Phillipe Fialho's delightful villa looking down on Nice in the French Riviera was the setting for Fred Kaps to teach Trevor Lewis his Cups and Balls routine and generously tell Trevor he could do what he liked with it. Trevor had a video of Fred performing the routine and had written it up in rough notes.

Twenty years...

★★★★★ $15
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Trevor Lewis
Children's Magic by Trevor Lewis

In complete contrast to Wilfred Tyler's style of old time children's entertainment, Trevor is completely up to date with modern children and knows how to keep them entertained right through his act. He tells all, tricks to use, business with odds and ends that keep children amused and includes dozens of ideas and routines that you'll be able to use to earn big money yourself.

Sid Lorraine summed up: "This tape provides professional advice and information that is the result of a lot of experience. You get it all on one recording from Martin Breese."

Trevor Lewis has won the London Magic Circle Award,...

★★★ $14
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Displaying 1 to 3 (of 3 products)