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Tricks To Go 3
by Werner Miller & Aldo Colombini


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Tricks To Go 3 by Werner Miller & Aldo Colombini

Here is a selection of tricks created by Werner Miller from his ebooks. These are all tricks that can be considered more or less self-working.


  • THE FRENCH CARD TRAP: Here is a non-sleight-of-hand method of locating up to twelve selected cards.
  • 4TUITOUS: A principle that can be used as a simple prediction in its own right, or as a number force in another effect.
  • AS EASY AS COUNTING: A freely selected card is revealed in a very humorous way.
  • GO WEST: Another funny and very interesting way to reveal a card with messages written on face cards. Just follow them. (For an exploration of this new method see All Roads Lead to Rome.)
  • HALVES: Unique coincidences using cards cut in half. Great with jumbo cards as well.
  • APART-TOGETHER: This brilliant routine uses the 12 face cards only (Kings, Queens and Jacks).
  • DOUBLE SANDWICH: A production of four-of-a-kind combined with the location of a selected card.
  • 4-3-2-1: The four Kings and the four Aces are shuffled but a spectator can sort them out and separate them in two groups.
  • RIGHT HERE: One of Werner's favorite card routines. And this says a lot.
  • WITHOUT CUPID'S HELP: Pairing lovers is a wonderful job. Your female audience will be delighted to help Cupid.

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