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Tricks You Should Know
by Will Goldston

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Tricks You Should Know by Will Goldston

This book is the trick section of Sensational Tales of Mystery Men. Goldston felt that the trick section was the part that magicians would be most interested in and thus made it available as a separate book.

And a very good title too! The magician who does not know the contents of this volume will soon be behind the times.

  • Introduction
  • The Newest Chinese Bat
  • The Thought Reader
  • Performing Matches
  • The Best Penetrating Coin
  • A Borrowed Handkerchief Burned
  • A Mysterious Match
  • Swallowing A Solid Wand
  • Which Cigarette?
  • The Vanished Egg
  • The Expanding Egg
  • The Newest Card Changing Box
  • The G. W. Hunter Pull
  • Cigarettes To Matches
  • Flowers From A Wand
  • The Production Of A Bottle From An Empty Hat
  • A Cut String
  • Card And Cigarette
  • Very Lightly And Very Tightly
  • The Inquisitive Knave
  • Martin Chapender's Method Of Performing The Diminishing Cards
  • Owen Clarke's Nest Of Boxes
  • The Ace Of All Magical Pillars
  • The New "Matter Through Matter" Frame
  • Chickens From Paper
  • The Magical Dog
  • The Educated Handkerchiefs

1st edition 1920, 72 pages; PDF 67 pages.
word count: 12824 which is equivalent to 51 standard pages of text

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