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by Andrew Loh

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Triu2ph by Andrew Loh

A simple version of a two-phase triumph effect.

Two cards are freely selected and lost in the deck. The performer shuffles the cards face up in a face‐down deck. When the deck is flipped over, the performer confirms whether this card is any one of the spectators or not and the answer is “no”. The performer requests the first spectator to grab this unknown card and treat it as her “lucky card” and gives a light tap on the deck.

Magically, all the cards turn face up except for one card which is the second spectator’s selection which is face up in the middle of the deck. The performer snaps his finger and requests the first spectator to check the lucky card in her hand; it’s now magically transformed into her selection.

A really good 2-phase Triumph routine. Ideal for table-hoppers as it's all done in the hands. Also, the subtleties involved eliminate the more difficult sleights normally associated with Triumph and make the whole thing fairly easy to do. - Peter Duffie

It is a very nice clean handling. I think it is very fooling. Well done my friend. - Harvey Rosenthal

Indeed, a very nice, two selection Triumph from Mr. Loh. I really like Andrew's magic. It's very well constructed. Although English is not his first language he writes very well and his illustrations are great. - Cameron Francis

Really cool effect with a clean method. However I would not consider it to be "easy to do". It is more for the average magician and frankly, I'm not.... With a little bit of work you may simplify the handling but you will need to execute more moves. I like the thinking behind it anyway. Keep up the good work Andrew. - Raphaël Czaja

First of all, I really like the cover. I think its designed very nicely. The trick is brilliant! It is a two selection version of triumph, and uses brilliant sleights and subtleties to achieve something that is clean, commercial and hard hitting. The crediting and the way it is written are both clear and superb.Congratulations on yet another winner Andrew! I will definitely perform this one! - Kyle Macneill

I just want to say a few words about Andrew's Triu2ph. I have been using it on and off for about a month now and am really pleased with the reactions it garners. Like many classics, this is a straight forward plot easy on the eye for the audience and the ending really hits them hard! Andrew's handling is to the point (as usual) and within the reach of most, if that makes you think a little, don't let it, get it and work on it, you'll be more than rewarded for the effort put in. The ebook its self is the usual standard you'd expect from Andrew. Overall rating = 10/10 - David Gemmell

1st edition 2010; 7 pages.
word count: 1129 which is equivalent to 4 standard pages of text