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Ultimate Floating Deck 2.0

by (Benny) Ben Harris
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Ultimate Floating Deck 2.0 by (Benny) Ben Harris

The Ultimate Floating Deck or UFD was first published in 1984. Since then it has spurned many variations. The current manuscript has been refined and re-written. This brings the effect right up to date by cutting out the superfluous "1980's handlings". Consider this some serious "house cleaning" after twenty six years!

Now, the structure is linear and smooth--from the selection to the levitation. Clean, smooth, direct.

A card is selected and returned to the deck. It is given a quick all-around-square-up, and then placed on the palm. On command, the top half of the deck floats. First a little, and then a whole lot! The card below the floating section is removed. It is waved back and forth between the blocks, showing the absence of support.

After a few seconds, the floating half of the deck settles back down, and the single card turned over to reveal that it is the selected card!

The motion of the floating "half deck" looks lovely and smooth. "Cloud-like" in many ways. And, a lovely subtlety, now included, allows you to show under the floating block--without revealing anything!

THE UFD (specifications):

  • Use any deck of cards Requires no other gaffs
  • Can be used for multiple reveals
  • Allows you to show nothing between floating block and cards beneath

1st edition 1984; revised 2010; 22 pages; 24 photos
word count: 2251 which is equivalent to 9 standard pages of text

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