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by Peter Duffie

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Untold by Peter Duffie

Fifteen clever tricks with cards.

1st edition, 2002.

SEVEN DOWN: Seven Down was inspired by Ed Marlo's "Magic Seven."

DRAW POKER: This trick came about as a direct result of a conversation with Roy Walton, who had a card problem which he quickly solved and published in OPUS.

FALLING: The following routine is based on Roy Walton's superb "Cascade". Here several Jumbo cards are caused to mutate in a bizarre and visual manner. This was originally called "The Mutant Hand," but I changed the title for this ebook in view of the recently marketed Cascade variation "Mutanz" to avoid confusion with names.

GREETINGS: Inspired by Tom Seller's "JUST CHANCE" , this effect is suitable for any occasion where a greetings card is appropriate. The following uses Pounds Sterling, but you can easily substitute Dollars, or whatever.

LUCKY FOR SUM: Most of you will by-pass this one because of the set-up however the effect on an audience is that of the impossible thanks to the Gilbreath Principle.

THE EQUALIZER: The following is more of brain teaser than a magical effect and should be kept for the right occasion.

SECRETS MERCHANTS: In the book Alternative Card Magic appeared a neat effect by Jerry Sadowitz entitled "The Whisperers," which was a fresh approach to the well-known Whispering Joker plot . The trick stimulated much interest among card men initiating several variations. The original Sadowitz trick had the discrepancy of counting only four cards when you openly had five. Here, with only three Queens apparently in use the four as four count becomes logical.

AMOUNT ACCOUNT RECOUNTED: The following is a variation in handling for Marty Kane's "Amount Account" (dated January 1996). Marty based his effect on Gene Finnell's "Down/Under Counter" (Gene Finnell's Card Magic).

PICTORIAL RATIFICATION: Inspired by a marketed item of Eddie Clever's called "Mental Spell," which used 26 duplicates. The following effect came about while trying to eliminate the duplicates. As it turned out, the result is far removed from the original trick.

A SAFE BET: You bring out five sealed pay envelopes and show that one of them has a question mark (?) written it. You explain that all the envelopes contain a prize and the one 'IN QUESTION' contains a special prize The spectator mixes the envelopes then places them in a row on the table They are numerically referred to as 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 from left to right. You now turn your back and instruct the spectator to swap the (?) envelope with one on either side of it. He repeats this several times them you tell him to pick up No.5 and place it in his pocket. Ibis is repeated with the four remaining envelopes and again he places one in his pocket. A final swap over is carried out and you instruct him to pocket two to leave only one. This is the mystery envelope, which you now open to reveal a £20 note, which you pocket. The spectator is thanked for his participation and told that he can open his four envelopes when he gets home!

A PIECE OF FRED: While writing and researching a book about the late Fred Robinson, I was astounded at the volume of previously unpublished material that came to light. One ingenious item was his introduction for Paul Curry's classic trick 'Out of This World.

JUMBO JEOPARDY: The following torn & restored card effect combines ideas of Charles Jordan and Dick Zimmerman.

NOT AS IMPROMPTU: In The Devil's Playthings Roy Walton included an effect entitled 'Almost Impromptu' which in turn was a simplification of 'Liberty' , from the same book The following is a variation on the former effect.

MY GOODNESS - NO STEBBINS: An attempt to recreate Julyan Sandy's "My Goodness - My Stebbins" (Abacus, July 2001) using a minimal stack. Here only two cards need to be set, but where you gain in the "preparatory department," you lose in the "freedom of cutting department." Swings and round-abouts. This uses the Count-back Force (20/30) and a Faro Shuffle.

FOUR-GATHERERS: Inspired by Hofzinser's, "The Queen of Hearts," this routine ends with a large display in the mould of Koran's "Salute to Vernon."
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