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21st Century Threads

by Hal Saxon
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21st Century Threads by Hal Saxon

The 21st Century Threads is an amazing effect that utilizes imaginary super elastic, incredibly strong, invisible threads to pull a silk from one hand, instantly around the performer's back and into the opposite hand. Swoooosh! It’s lightning fast. Most people see nothing, some people may see a blur of the silk as it flies.

This tutorial will show you my amazing Trademark Vanish that I know will become your everyday favorite vanish.

Imagine a king-size Vernet hard tip that can be vanished instantly. Bare hands, no rings, short sleeves and no watch. Absolutely angle-proof and lightning-fast. Vanish whatever you can fit in the tip. Even a full tip vanish is made easy.

Watch this video of the 21st Century Threads effect and get the tutorial today.

1st edition 2023, video 12:33.

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