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An Offering by Dale A. Hildebrandt

It's Not Just A Rock: A rock becomes something more...

This takes "One Hotter Coin" and "Energy Hand" and puts them on steroids. Perfect for one-on-one demonstrations; you'll get a rock to heat up, cool down, throb around, and finally make an everlasting change - in both the rock and the participant. And you don't switch rocks for the change. This is all part of "ONE HOTTEST COIN" and you'll absolutely love these presentations.

Sally Sells Seashells: A walk along the beach...

An enchantress, a walk along the beach, and some elemental magic all combine for a fun situational routine. You'll use standard methodology combined with a little known fact to confirm your powers.

Star Child: A stellar miracle acts as a rite of passage...

Specifically designed for children to participate in moving stars around; this also becomes a rite of passage when you feel their ready for the "secret knowledge". Stars move and you don't need any special atmospheric conditions except for a clear sky with stars in it.

Worry Not, Doll: Worries are removed from anxious souls

Here I expand on the Three Knuckle Swish from Hand Bluffs Plus More Stuff and allow you to erase worries of anxious souls and replace those worries with a resourceful state. This is life-altering material, so be careful with it.

PARSE Q & A: Dada Art mixes with Q & A and has a lovechild...

A different spin on Q & A acts inspired by Enrique Enriquez, Jerome Finley, Iain Dunford and Dada Artist Tristan Tzara. I'm tempted to call this a "self-working Q & A" because the performer doesn't technically come up with the answers for the questions; yet I'm reluctant to cal it "self-working Q & A" because if you have knowledge of myth and symbology then you will create a devastating impact.

Scratch: Hints, Tips, Techniques, Timing, and More Other Strange Ideas for Demon sightings...

If you enjoyed my offering of "False Faith Served Medium Rare" or "Camp Dragon" (both found in Dale's Little Red and Silver Book), then you'll totally and completely fall in love with "SCRATCH". From eerie lights to spooky rocking chairs, from cemeteries to demons, this is a dangerous and complicated Act to pull off. This utilizes the help of fellow performers all to affect one or two people for the rest of their life.

Pulsating Pendulum + The Energy Testing and Energy Work Seminar & Tips: A full-on modular approach to pendulum and energy work - this section alone could pay for this book if you put the time, application, and effort into it! Includes a technique which I've dubbed "Contact Muscle Control" which allows for a variety of interesting and unique pendulum/ideomotor effects. This is a real seminar I've given to real people. It is enjoyable, informative, and highly interactive. It is a lesson in experiential education and making everything very "hands-on" even when its "hands off".

Cubed Roots (TO THE nTH DEGREE): Cubed Roots is explained along with an expansion and extension on the material found in Cubed Roots. This Cubed Roots to the Nth Degree. You'll find expanded chapters and extra knowledge thrown your way. Originally I was going to offer this as a whole separate book, but you get it with An Offering instead. I gave five readings based on "Cubed Roots" principles to five different participants and it was a blast. You'll learn a lot about yourself and your future sitters after studying this material. This is intense!

If you enjoyed Hand Bluffs Plus More Stuff, Dale's Little Red and Silver Book, or Risk & Reward then you are sure to find something here to fit your fancy, upgrade your skills, and be inspired. An Offering is a natural progression from Red and Silver.

1st edition 2013, 56 pages.
word count: 27884 which is equivalent to 111 standard pages of text