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Another Spell Of Cards
by Al E. Smith

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Another Spell Of Cards by Al E. Smith

Another Spell Of Cards is the follow-on volume to A Spell Of Cards, and much like that ebook is not exclusively devoted to Spelling effects. However, in keeping with the spelling aspect of the title, there are more than several "Spellers," all presenting sideways glances at the ever-present premise.

As with its proud predecessor, Another Spell Of Cards will appeal to the fearless family of card people who remain calm and maintain their cool in the presence of spelling tricks.

  • Introdecktion
  • Packspeller
  • Spellapack
  • Spellapact
  • Bizzy Spell
  • Poker Player’s Piatknikace
  • Bike
  • Tumbling Dice
  • Dealer Is A Banker
  • Free Range Expel
  • Season Of The Wigeon
  • Speckled Spell
  • Speckled Appeal
  • Speckleated Aces
  • A Fair Old Finale
  • Good Day For A Card Trick
  • Slying In Weight
  • Ten-Deux Mystery
  • 21st Century Diskard
  • Jipsidubble
  • Open Reservations
  • TOBE
  • Gavada Royale
  • Obviosity
  • Obviositace
  • Back To The Suture
  • A Spell Break

1st edition 2007, 56 pages.
word count: 23084 which is equivalent to 92 standard pages of text