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Stealth Working Card Tricks
by Al E. Smith

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Stealth Working Card Tricks by Al E. Smith

A stealthy count-up uncovers the not-at-all secret fact that, including covers, contents page and similar paraphernalia, Stealth Working Card Tricks is a 71 page ebook twinkling with bit-size chunks of card-flavoured conjuriana, dripping with dollops of amiable waffle to cheer them on.

Nothing complicated, general card handling ability is the main requirement. Roughly translated, Stealth Working Card Tricks is a gentle confection of ideas, envelope nudging principles and deceptions, suppositions and similar. An ebook of card tricks, really.

  • Introdecktion
  • Oddment-ality
  • Why Stealth
  • Stealth Working No-Move Moves
  • Nomocon
  • Ose Cut
  • Nosay Cut
  • Nosaytoo Cut
  • Card Discouveries
  • Four Real Reveal
  • Four Group Speller
  • Cut Across Shortly
  • Forcing The Crossing Cut
  • Cross A Cut Shortly
  • A Forcing Disguise
  • Bluffster
  • A Point Of View
  • Dealing And Yawning
  • Stealth Paradox
  • Poker Players Packsnack
  • Quadduble
  • Quadduble II
  • Spellock Holmes
  • Stelf-Working
  • Spredaces
  • Basically Speaking
  • Fakologic
  • Refarcadabra
  • Spelling Circle
  • Spell Those Magic Words
  • Thin Tweaks
  • From Here To There
  • Stealthy Does It
  • Outrodecktion

1st edition 2015, 70 pages
word count: 13672 which is equivalent to 54 standard pages of text