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Card Stalking
by Al E. Smith

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Card Stalking by Al E. Smith

Another collection of pasteboard this-and-that crammed into 50-odd (very odd) pages pages. Actually, including titles and whatnot, there's 60-odd pages. Tricks, thoughts, subtleties and more. All specially cobbled together to tickle the palate of the discerning and infuriate the sad few who profess not to like card stuff. Nothing difficult, complicated or gimmick-strewn. A bit of fun for fun-inclined persons.

  • Swindlacing
  • An Interesting Trick
  • Complecon
  • Quickmatch
  • At The Pictures
  • Cleaving The Colours
  • Endtrapment
  • Court Card Concern
  • High Card Deals The Winner
  • Wild Man’s Bluff
  • Order And Method
  • Dead Man’s Faro
  • Film Trickery
  • Aypresto
  • Spell Cut
  • Jokerism
  • Fearteen
  • Considerations
  • Tricky Albert
  • Outrodecktion

1st edition 2010, 62 pages.
word count: 17327 which is equivalent to 69 standard pages of text