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Chicago Bar Magic
by Randy Wakeman

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Chicago Bar Magic by Randy Wakeman

Performed by Randy Wakeman before random, live audiences . . . then explained and taught in full detail.

Over the 1950s, 1960's, and through the 1970's a brand of bold and direct close-up magic was developed in Chicago, Illinois. These effects were known for simplicity, clarity, and strength of effect, and the powerful response they elicited. Chicago magical legends Don Alan, "Heba Haba Al" Andrucci, "Senator" Clarke Crandall, Frank Everhart, Jack Murray, Johnny Paul, James Patrick Ryan, and Matt Schulien forged their reputations with these effects, and now you can too.

While these quick, direct, simple, baffling effects delighted Chicago audiences for decades, they were far less widely known and practiced outside of Chicago nightlife venues. Many of these terrifically effective pieces have evaporated into the ether, for no other reason than they are not the "latest." To say that you could make your living performing these eternal impossibilities is beyond dispute. Many of our most talented trailblazers have done precisely that!

NOW'S YOUR CHANCE! If you're just getting your feet wet in close-up entertainment, let this information serve as a springboard for mastering quality magic. If you' re a close-up veteran, you'll find yourself wondering why you aren't performing these gems regularly. It's our suspicion that you soon will be.

DAVEBURY DELUSION David Lederman's winning routine that takes the sting out of the swindle, and adds a distinctly satisfying payoff.

EXPLODING ACES As terrific as twisting effects get, with a knock 'em dead transformation followed by your choice of two mind-melting, reputation-making blow-offs.

STACKED IMPACT Join the ranks of Alan, Crandall, Paul and Ryan with this well-proven Dice Stacking crowd-pleaser with your choice of two powerful punchlines.

STANDING TEN COUNT Spectator counts ten cards; they continue to multiply in their hands until the jolting juggernaut finale!

RED HOT MAMA One of magic's finest openers: Al Leech's signature effect, as beautifully baffling as it is easy to perform. It just might be the best surprise transposition ever.

THE BIG STOP The classic "stop" effect has never had more clarity and sheer audience impact.

I CHINK SO A deceptive "Chink-A-Chink," punctuated with a unique and unforgettable "in-the-spectators-hands" finish.

THE CHICAGO STAB Suitable for the bar, table, or cabaret, this is a spectacular Chicago crowd-pleaser, as easy as it is strong!

All this, and much more, including a truly invisible handling of the Johnny Paul/Jim Ryan Bill Tear. All are performed before impromptu audiences, and clearly taught so that you can perform these treasures with unprepared objects in no time flat!

length 1h 15min

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