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Formula One Close-Up
by Randy Wakeman

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Formula One Close-Up by Randy Wakeman

From the Foreword by Ed Marlo:

The effects have been constructed with the audience's conditions in mind. By this I mean that practically every close-up, at-the-table worker in a restaurant has to work under the audience's conditions and not the performer's. Thus, angly moves, risky sleights, lapping, etc. have been eliminated from Randy's lay audience routines. Therefore, you can be assured of the practicality of his magic.

As for my section of effects, it is obvious that much of it will not be used if one works under the spectator's conditions. Which also means that I work under my conditions. If the surroundings aren't conducive to my way of working, I always somehow manage to arrange matters to my advantage. But, this is easy for me because I don't get paid to perform. I do so only when the fancy strikes me and when the situation is just right. However, you will find one or two items in my section that will fit any conditions. But, whether they appeal to you is another matter. You should have no such problems with Randy's routines.

  • Acknowledgements
  • Foreword
  • Randy Wakeman Section
    • R.W. Four Card Stunner
    • Ascension Transposition
    • Give Us This Day Our Daley Aces
    • Spreading It A Little Too Thin
    • Randymar Aces
    • Marlo's Jumping Jacks
    • Three Phase Follow-Up
    • The Joliet Jack-In-The-Box
    • Ryan Bill Tear Re-Visited
    • Randy Gets Rough On Hofzinser
    • Ace Cutting Collectors
    • The Formula One Card Routine
    • Unbelievably Copless
    • Tri-Version
    • The Spectator Cuts To And Turns Over The Aces
    • Cubic Zirconium
  • Ed Marlo Section
    • Olram's Vanishing Deck
    • Free Choice Sudden Aces
    • Can't Wait Forever
    • Can't See Location
    • A Card Cheating Story
    • Surprising The Seven Suspects
    • Maximum Penetration
    • The Card Of A Thousand Faces
    • An Oil And Water Phase
    • Two Lapping Techniques
    • Direct Lapping
    • Screened Lapping
    • Dribble Replacement
    • Latest Open Double Deal
    • Not Disappointing
    • Latest K.M. Move
    • The Frictionless Bottom Deal
  • In Conclusion

1st edition 1985, 82 pages; 1st digital edition 2019, PDF 93 pages.
word count: 24899 which is equivalent to 99 standard pages of text

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