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by Peter Wilker


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Euromagic by Peter Wilker

From the preface:

Each of the six chapters of these Lecture Notes contains one routine; but there is no connection between them except that they are all "European". European? Isn't magic international? Of course, there is no specific European or American or Japanese branch of our art. What I mean by European is on a more personal level. I am a Swiss living in England, to be precise in Cornwall, with many friends in my home as well as my adopted country, but also in Germany. Over the years we constantly exchanged ideas on particular tricks and on magic in general. In all my books I used many of these ideas; but the present "Euromagic" would certainly not have been written without close contact with my friends all over Europe whose inventions, thoughts and help made these Lecture Notes possible. I am particularly grateful to Philip Southwood of Cornwall, Dietmar Buggisch of Germany and Olaf Spell of Switzerland for their contributions. I had a hand in all of the tricks; Chapter 5 is of my own doing, but this is a minor matter - if you read the introductions to the tricks where I tried to give credit to whom credit is due, you will see how truly "European" they all are.

The tricks range from the simple to the more elaborate. "No Hacking" is completely impromptu. "Euchre Race" needs a few props, but can be shown impromptu as well. "In the Dark", a version of the well known "Homing Card", is the only trick which needs, technically speaking, some practice; not much if you are well versed in card magic, but perhaps a bit more if you are not. "Tarot Fishing" requires some memory work, but the presentation is all-important and will only come with experience.

The last two tricks, "The Egyptian Scroll" and "Bingette", are the most elaborate of them all, but very easy to do. Unfortunately they need some material which the performer must make up for himself. Nothing spectacular: just a few designs on cards and a card stand. Sorry for that; but if you only wanted to do some tricks with a borrowed pack, you wouldn't read these Lecture Notes anyway.

  • Preface
  • Chapter 1: No Hacking
  • Chapter 2: Euchre Race
  • Chapter 3: In The Dark
  • Chapter 4: Tarot Fishing
  • Chapter 5: The Egyptian Scroll
  • Chapter 6: Bingette
1st edition 1996, 37 pages; PDF 35 pages.
word count: 12169 which is equivalent to 48 standard pages of text