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First Call to Cards
by Stewart James

#2 in Italian (italiano) author
#3 Cards author
#3 Ropes, Ribbons, Strings & Reels author

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First Call to Cards by Stewart James

Here are twelve remarkable card tricks invented and performed by Stewart James in Canada, England and the U.S. So many magicians asked to learn these tricks that Stewart decided to reveal them for the first time in this book. Most all of his card magic is done without difficult sleights or trick cards, using subtlety instead.


MIKE AND IKE: — The famous look-alike detectives capture a gang of criminals and identify their leader. A spectator (witness) doesn't tell how the sleuths are disguised until the case is closed.

SEVEN WONDERS — No preparation is necessary to illustrate the Seven Wonders, by using nothing other than a deck of cards.

THE NAME IS THE SAME — Regardless of the name selected by your volunteer, it will always spell to the same card as your name does.

MATCHIMERA — A strictly impromptu card-matching method.

THE DECKSPERT — May be presented as a demonstration of how professional gamblers estimate the number of cards cut by an opponent. Borrowed cards and no sleights.

FLIGHT OF THE SPELLING BEE — A no-preparation method in which the card is selected and spelled by the spectator himself. It's not necessary for you to know his card except to verify that he has been successful.

A GIRL'S BEST FRIEND — An impromptu story-type trick in which something is happening right up to the unexpected conclusion.

DATEASER — You reveal that you know in advance what card was going to be selected. The prediction is in front of spectator all the time but he doesn't realize its significance because of its innocent appearance and logical introduction.

DOUBLE TIME IN SPIRITLAND — The cards are never concealed, as in the original version, and an extra climax is possible.

SQUARE DEAL — Unusual control while the cards are in the hands of a spectator.

COLORACLE — Four cards display exceptional versatility in producing a triple effect.

IMPROSONIC — Ten cards are dealt in a face-up row or displayed on a stand. You write the name of one card on a slip of paper which may be retained by a spectator. Any number less than eleven is freely named by any member of your audience. Predicted card is the one indicated by that number. Any cards and no sleights.

There you have it, twelve tested effects with a borrowed deck from the creative mind of Stewart James.

"The plots are sound and the instructions blessedly clear." - Fabian

"'Improsonic' is very good, a version of the Supersonic Card Prediction, but is impromptu and any cards may be used. The author's best collection to date." - George Armstrong

"As fine a selection of this type of magic as I've seen in some years." - John J. Crimmins, Jr.

"Contains twelve varied items that are as near card miracles as you can get." - Sid Lorraine

1st edition 1954, PDF 39 pages.
word count: 1252 which is equivalent to 5 standard pages of text

Reviewed by hal barlow (confirmed purchase)
★★★★★   Date Added: Monday 24 July, 2023

Occasionally interesting card material from the past. Most of the tricks do not seem very commercial. Much dealing and mathematical processes. There was nothing there I would ever show to a paying audience.