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Forging Ahead in Magic
by John Booth


(1 customer rating) ★★★★★

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Forging Ahead in Magic by John Booth

John Booth takes you behind the scenes with 136 top-notch magicians, revealing a whopping 555 methods to improve your act and make it more profitable.

A true classic of magic, available in a revised, updated edition for present and future generations of performers of all skill levels and abilities. The author, a professional magician and author of Marvels of Mystery, bares the secrets of these eminent performers. These are secrets that are not to be found in other books. He tells you what they did to achieve success as a magician. He gives you facts and figures on how to use magic, how to "sell" yourself and your magic act.

The actual subjects covered, and the number of ideas, methods and publicity ideas are as follows:

10-Special Openings; 10-Sequences; 16-Masterpiece Effects, 8-Strong Closings; 7- Encores; 21-Lighting; 26-Music; 15-Direct Mail Ideas; 4-Press Agents; 12-Booking Direct; 31-Booking the Lyceum (Lecture) Circuit; 25-Booking Clubs and Vaud.; 25-Pitfalls in Contracts; 18-Getting Held Over; 20-General Ideas; 20-Newspaper Interviews.

There's more: 13-Promotional Stunts; 11-Publication Stories; 4-Anecdotes; 15-Press Releases; 6-Ad Tie-Ups; 16-Photos for Newspapers; 16-Showmanship; 18-Getting More Applause; 17-Building Glamour; 9-Give-aways and Souvenirs; 23-Professional Photos; 24-Radio Pointers; 7-Television Rules; 21-Club Addresses; 18-Care of Hands, Face & Clothes; 6-Spot on the Bill.

There's still more: 10-Starting Off Right; 7-Style and Conduct; 11-Rehearsing; 14-Patter; 13-Voice and Speech; 8-Developing Personality.

And, only in this revised edition, are revealed additional publisher's updates that take Booth's lessons and ideas and bring them into 2018 and beyond.

Also features an Introduction by Genii magazine editor, Wm. W. Larsen, Sr. Highly recommended.

"Excellently written . . . describes everything a magician should know, apart from his tricks. Should be required reading for anyone who shows magic either as a professional or amateur. There is no magician so good that he cannot profit by reading Booth's book, but to the semi-professional it should be his Bible." - John Mulholland, Sphinx magazine

"Here is a book to be recommended without reservation! 14 chapters of excellent advice. The author's present status in Magic should be sufficient reason for taking his advice. This is a MUST book." - Leo Rullman

"My advice to everyone is to get it and see for himself what a helpful, practical, suggestive book John has given the magical world." - Gordon W. Mattice, Genii magazine review

1st edition 1939, PDF 191 pages.
word count: 53714 which is equivalent to 214 standard pages of text