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G. W. Magnuson

Walter G. Magnuson was born September 27, 1904. He was quite a character and eventually performed under the stage name of Del-Ardo. Starting in the early 1920s, he released poorly typed manuscripts of his mental, psychic and pseudo-hypnotic secrets. Over his lifetime, he released more than 125 of these manuscripts. His business flourished from the 1920s to 1970s. The original manuscripts were mimeographed and are extremely rare nowadays. If you can find one, the writing is usually faded and hard to read. His most famous work was called: The Twentieth Century Mindreading Act and was released in 1935.

Later in life, Walter G. Magnuson became Reverend Walter G. Magnuson, and started giving spirit readings. He was the co-organizer of Rockford Illinois' Largest Spiritualistic Church, giving readings in the Rockford area. Many manuscripts he released were on cold-reading and how to fleece the suckers, as he termed them.

As a "human pincushion", he worked at Ripley's Believe It Or Not Odditorium Show, doing up to 22 performances a day. He received an extra dollar for each spectator who fainted at the sight—his arms, legs, neck, and face being punctured by needles, pins, and police badges.

He edited the house organs of the International Mentalist Association, The Seer (2 issues) and Mystic (1 issue), both published in 1929.

He died, May 4, 1988, at the age of 83.

Coauthors: Devin Knight

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Silent Two-Person Codes Revealed

G. W. Magnuson & Devin Knight

Silent Two-Person Codes Revealed by G. W. Magnuson & Devin KnightImagine being able to secretly transmit information to your assistant in complete silence and without having to learn a lot of code words. Imagine you could do this without any electronics and very little practice.

Ordinary spoken (verbal) codes are more or less known to modern audiences, but the methods herein described defies detection, even if the method should be known to the party who sees it. Normally, to do this today requires secret electronic equipment costing hundreds or even thousands of dollars capable of sending secret impulses to your assistant. Such is not the case with these...

2018 / 5 / 20

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Zenith Spirit Manifestation

G. W. Magnuson & Devin Knight

Zenith Spirit Manifestation by G. W. Magnuson & Devin KnightThis was designed to fool both skeptics and magicians. This is one of the most stunning mediumistic stunts ever devised. It was developed and used by the old school mediums. It was so unbelievable; it fooled reporters, skeptics and magicians. A medium who could be searched and placed into a darkened room could cause a spirit to materialize in full view, without the aid of any secret assistants. This could be done in anyone's home.

The amazing thing was that this was accomplished without luminous cardboard props, luminous cheesecloths, luminous paint or other props sold by Nelson Enterprises....

2018 / 5 / 10

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Del-Ardo's Private Sealed Envelope Reading Method

G. W. Magnuson & Devin Knight

Del-Ardo's Private Sealed Envelope Reading Method by G. W. Magnuson & Devin KnightDel-Ardo was a professional medium of the old school. He developed many ways to read messages in a sealed envelope, but this was his favorite method and was the one he used most. This is also the same method that was used by psychic, Jason Michaels, during his career, with a few of his improvements. Devin Knight is still using this improved method to this day.

This method is also being used by phony mediums today who are working the spiritualist churches and camps because it is almost 100% foolproof and there is almost no chance of getting caught cheating. The method is that good.

A plain...

2018 / 4 / 24

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Just Think

G. W. Magnuson & Devin Knight

Just Think by G. W. Magnuson & Devin KnightIf you really had psychic powers, you could answer questions just thought of. There would be no need for the person to write the question or tell you what it was. He would just think of a question in his mind. If you really had psychic powers you would immediately answer the question WITHOUT any pumping or fishing! There would be no hesitation! Of course, this sounds 100% impossible; unless, you really were psychic.

A noted performer once said, "The man who can create an act whereby you ask a spectator to just THINK of the question and then you answer it...will be doing something. In fact,...

2016 / 7 / 7

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Annotated Secret Professional Pseudo-Hypnotic Methods

G. W. Magnuson & Devin Knight

Annotated Secret Professional Pseudo-Hypnotic Methods by G. W. Magnuson & Devin KnightThis is a reprint of the rare and hard to find Secret Professional Pseudo-Hypnotic Methods first released by G. W. Magnuson in 1931. The original manuscript was poorly typed and full of typos and grammatical errors. Devin Knight has taken this work and reset the type to make it easier to read, corrected the typos and grammar and added photos. In addition, Devin has annotated the text with badly needed updated information regarding these methods.

Interestingly, Magnuson did not believe there was such a thing as real hypnosis and developed an act of pseudo hypnosis. Some of his best effects...

2015 / 11 / 3

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