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Get the Second Booking
by Brian T. Lees

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Get the Second Booking by Brian T. Lees

Competition for performances today is more intense than it every was. Organizations are comparing information on large numbers of performers. Loyalty remains. But being the previous entertainer, only for the reason he/she worked it before, is not always the hiring factor. Individuals/agents are now looking beyond the cost. The non-documented elements are starting to carry a lot more weight in the hiring decision.

A dear friend once said that it is better to position yourself to be hired over and over, then to make one deposit and never perform again. That statement carries a lot of weight. And, most of us would agree that repeat performances are better for business. They put us in better marketing positions, boost our quality entertainer profile and generate referrals.

This text identifies some of those important elements. It includes a detailed look at a committee's hiring process. Learn the impact attitude, team play, support and other attributes have with your communication and proposals.

  • Comparison Shopping
  • Elements Beyond Price
  • The Committee
  • Key Elements
  • Your Best Posture
  • Wrapping It Up

1st edition 2018, 20 pages.
word count: 6022 which is equivalent to 24 standard pages of text