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Hyper-Sensitive Mentalism
by Biagio Fasano & Marco di Biase

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Hyper-Sensitive Mentalism by Biagio Fasano & Marco di Biase

A new Mentalism effect, as impromptu as it is inexplicable!

This is a simple Mentalism effect, incomprehensible to the audience and executable on virtually any occasion, as it uses eight simple cards that can be drawn from any deck. The Mentalist, with his back turned or blindfolded without any make-up, asks a spectator to think of any card and draw it from the deck, together with any seven other cards with which it will be shuffled by herself. She will divide the pack between her own hands, holding in each four face down cards.

At her pleasure, she will turn face up of the two bundles over by placing it above or below the other, and hand it over to the Mentalist... Meanwhile, she will have secretly chosen a role between “Honest” or “Lying,” always respecting which she will answer the three questions that the Mentalist will shortly ask her, and she will silently communicate this to the rest of the audience, raising her thumb in case she has opted to always answer True, or lowering it in case she has opted to always answer False.

Three times the Mentalist will then ask her whether she sees her chosen face card, interspersing each question with a face-back shuffle of the eight cards in his own hands, so that each time they are arranged differently from the previous one. At the end, while still not seeing the cards, he will perform a final manipulation that will arrange all the cards in the same direction and, handing them to the spectator, ask her to check them and hand them back to him so that they are all eight turned face-up.

Either way the Mentalist, after a few moments of concentration, will know perfectly well how to identify the chosen card, without ever having had a chance to see any of the cards!

"... This booklet is very well done and I like the idea of not having to divide the bundle into two because of the ‘the drunken shuffle’; then certainly the procedure is also simplified because you only need to take into account the affirmative answers. The whole thing works perfectly from the mechanical point of view, but from the theatrical point of view, for the audience the effect results in an impossible finding... which happens thanks to the Mentalist's psychic gifts... ... [The fact that he is] blindfolded, adds that touch of Mystery ... and having the viewer answering True or False [to the viewer] adds smoke to the whole thing. This theme has been enriched with your new idea... Thank you for sharing." – Andy Tedesco

"In this routine Biagio and Marco have managed to make fluid a method that usually requires a rather lengthy process. An effect that engages the viewer in a game of Lie and Truth executable in any situation. Bravo!" - Luca Volpe

1st edition 2024, PDF 6 pages.
word count: 2204 which is equivalent to 8 standard pages of text