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Inside Magic by George L. Boston & Robert Parrish

In this ebook, George Boston, old time magician, takes his readers behind the scenes of the magic shows. Associate and confidant of the great men of magic, he recalls the greatest "tricks" in his memory and in many cases tells "how it was done." The great names of magic - Thurston, Blackstone, Houdini, Kellar, Carter and Nicola - appear in these pages. The book is liberally illustrated with many photographs, and is written in the highly readable style that has made Robert Parrish's For Magicians Only and New Ways to Mystify such popular favorites.

  • About the Authors
  • Introduction
  • 1 How I Became a Magician
  • 2 The Illusion Show
  • 3 Thurston's Mysteries of India
  • 4 The Thurston Brothers
  • 5 The Last of the Thurston Show
  • 6 The Natural History of the Levitation
  • 7 Mysteries of India Revived
  • 8 The Private Lives of the Floating Ladies
  • 9 Harry Houdini and the Escape Legend
  • 10 Carter and Nicola, Magic on a Cook's Tour
  • 11 More Illusionists I Have Known
  • 12 The Night Club Era
  • 13 With Blackstone on the U.S.O.
  • 14 What the Tricks Are About
  • 15 How the Tricks Are Done
  • 16 Magic All Over
  • Bibliography

1st edition 1947, 224 pages; PDF 151 pages.
word count: 58546 which is equivalent to 234 standard pages of text