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Ionic Force

by (Benny) Ben Harris

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Ionic Force by (Benny) Ben Harris
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Ionic is a ranging force, applied with the fingers, in order to arrive at an apparently random (or unknown number). Such forces—performed on the fingers—have been used for decades. Karrel Fox and Max Maven are both famous for their applications of the approach. For the record, Ray Hyman is credited with FIRST applying the idea to the use of the fingers. (See The Linking Ring, October, 1953). Ray’s application was for a book test called “It’s In The Book.”

Here’s how it usually works: Imagine asking a spectator to hold up any number of fingers on her left hand, and any number of fingers on her right hand. We’ll say she holds up TWO fingers and THREE fingers respectively. The performer would take these two numbers (two and three) and reference them to a page number: “So that’s page 23...” in this example. Sometimes, the range would appear to be larger as the performer would offer the CHOICE of reversing the number like this: “So that’s page 23... or would you like to reverse the digits and call it page 32?” (This subtlety is credited to Sandy Marshall). The IONIC process however, allows you to limit the result to just six possible outcomes! YES JUST SIX. This can even be further compressed to JUST THREE POSSIBLE OUTCOMES!

Clever performers will find dozens of innovative routines to use this with. Harris discusses applications with Book Tests, the ACAAN plot, and some very direct "mind-reading" styled reveals. Andrew Brown has given permission to include his AMAZING "Invisible Card" routine which first apperaed in Silent Running 3. Find it here with ALL THE DETAILS.

(Please note, if you have Silent Running 3, you already have the material described in this pdf. Silent Running 3 is NOT REQUIRED in order to understand and apply the IONIC concept. This is a stand-alone forcing procedure, fully described).

1st edition 2011; 38 pages.
word count: 7213 which is equivalent to 28 standard pages of text

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