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Jack Flosso

Jack Flosso

(Brooklyn, NY: 11th February 1926 - 5th October 2003)

Stage name of Jack Levinson, aka "Al Flosso Jr". Taught by father Al Flosso by working in his shop since "a mere lad". Pro performer, specializing in comedy stand-up magic. Trick in Hugard's Magic Monthly (1945). In Japan with USO 1960-61. Succeeded his father as owner of Flosso-Hornmann Magic Inc in 1976, selling to Ted Bogusta in December 2000.

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Jack Flosso
Close-up Magic of the Masters by Jack Flosso

Pet secrets of some of the most celebrated close-up magicians of all time.

  • Preface: Close-Up Magic by Bert Allerton
  • What Makes a Trick by Al Baker
  • Bottoms Down by Al Baker
  • Mobilizing the Aces by Dai Vernon
  • Ball, Cone and Handkerchief by Dai Vernon
  • Convening Kings by Francis Carlyle
  • The Squeeze-Away Coin by Ross Bertram
  • And the Part of a Garment by Emil Jarrow
  • Card Effect With Two Packs by Nate Leipzig
  • The Disconcerting Coins by Cliff Green
  • Precognition by Cliff Green
  • Scarne's Power of Thought by John Scarne
  • The Coin Roll Vanish by Paul LePaul
  • The Revolving Pass by Slydini
  • Jacob's Ladder by Dr. Jacob Daley
  • The Salt Trick by Dr. Jacob Daley
  • Pop-Up Coins by S. Leo Horowitz ...
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