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Close-up Magic of the Masters
by Jack Flosso


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Close-up Magic of the Masters by Jack Flosso

Pet secrets of some of the most celebrated close-up magicians of all time.

  • Preface: Close-Up Magic by Bert Allerton
  • What Makes a Trick by Al Baker
  • Bottoms Down by Al Baker
  • Mobilizing the Aces by Dai Vernon
  • Ball, Cone and Handkerchief by Dai Vernon
  • Convening Kings by Francis Carlyle
  • The Squeeze-Away Coin by Ross Bertram
  • And the Part of a Garment by Emil Jarrow
  • Card Effect With Two Packs by Nate Leipzig
  • The Disconcerting Coins by Cliff Green
  • Precognition by Cliff Green
  • Scarne's Power of Thought by John Scarne
  • The Coin Roll Vanish by Paul LePaul
  • The Revolving Pass by Slydini
  • Jacob's Ladder by Dr. Jacob Daley
  • The Salt Trick by Dr. Jacob Daley
  • Pop-Up Coins by S. Leo Horowitz
  • A Quarter and a Half by Mohammed Bey
  • Two New Ball Sleights by George Starke
  • The Fist Coin Routine by Arthur Punnar
  • A New Card Change by Tommy Dowd
  • The Kaplan Coin Transposition by George G. Kaplan
  • Wandering Walnuts by Joseph Keen
  • Name Your Number by Bert Allerton
  • Coins Through the Table by Dai Vernon
  • A Knotty Interlude
  • A Rope Cutting Tie-Up by Francis J. Rigney
  • New Thimble Vanish by Frank J. Rigney
  • Novel Card and Cigarette Trick by Lu Brent
  • Ballantine Color Change by Amazing Ballantine
  • Table Magic

1st edition ~1980; PDF 35 pages.
word count: 29222 which is equivalent to 116 standard pages of text

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