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Michael Maxwell
Incredible Self-Working Card Tricks: Volume 4 by Michael Maxwell

Effects Included:

  • Thot Echo
  • Clueless Countdown
  • Double Thought
  • 1 in 52 Bet
  • Mystic 15
  • The Lazy Magician
  • Hummer's Little Stranger
  • 5-9-K
  • A Case of Deduction
  • 8 Simple Rules
  • Aces from the Pocket
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Michael Maxwell
Incredible Self-Working Card Tricks: Volume 3 by Michael Maxwell

"With the card tricks on these incredible DVDs, you could earn a living!" - Lance Burton, International Superstar Magician

Effects Included:

  • The Telltale Pulse
  • Play it Straight (Triumph)
  • Emotional Reaction
  • Miraskill
  • Do As I Do
  • Three Proofs
  • Linking Cards
  • Card Sealing
  • Simple Arithmetic
  • We 3 Find 3
  • Unbelievable
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Michael Maxwell
Incredible Self-Working Card Tricks: Volume 2 by Michael Maxwell

Effects Included:

  • My Lucky Card
  • Sealed with a Kicker (a PDF with the Circle Deck Form is included in the download for convenient printing)
  • Banks' Trapdoor
  • Fantaso
  • The Letter Prediction
  • The Future Deck
  • Impromptu Out of this World
  • Sacramento Aces
  • Free Cut Fantasy
  • Business by Numbers
  • The Initials Will Tell
  • The Master Stop Trick
  • Lazyman's Set-Up
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Michael Maxwell
Incredible Self-Working Card Tricks: Volume 1 by Michael Maxwell

Michael Maxwell has painstakingly researched and compiled what he considers to be the most amazing "self working card tricks," ever created - amazing tricks requiring no skill! These are killer card tricks to have in your arsenal for those special occasions when someone hands you a deck and says, "Hey, Mr. Magician, show us a trick!" Even if you have never handled a deck of cards before, you can easily master these diabolical effects. Special care has been taken to include effects that are not generally known, even to knowledgeable card men.

Effects Included:

  • Deal/Switch Mystery
  • Lazymans'...
★★★★★ $15
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Nick Conticello
Automatic Placements by Nick Conticello

Tarbell Course contributor Nick Conticello is back with his biggest and best book yet, a series of refreshingly new takes on that venerable standby of mathematical card magic, the Automatic Placement. Nick introduces new variations of the principle with the Inverted Placement and the Symmetric Placement. No sleight of hand is required for ANY of these effects! Contents include:

ABC/123: Alex Elmsley's Spell by the Numbers without the Faro shuffle.

NO LOOKING ORACLE: Without seeing the face of a single card, the performer locates one mental selection and names another.


★★★★★ $19.50
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David Devlin
Overboard by David Devlin

This incredible routine is pretty much a card act all by itself. There are several mind-blowing phases, and it is all done with a normal deck of cards. There are absolutely no gaffs whatsoever. The deck and the card box are the only "props" used, so you can have this on your person at all times, and be completely prepared to blow 'em away!

What began as a simple single-phase effect by Aldo Colombini, David expanded and added to it with inspirations from Aldo, Paul Harris, and Max Maven.

The aspect of this routine that David likes most is the "hands-off" nature of it. The spectator does pretty much all of the work....

★★★★ $5
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Nick Conticello
An Impromptu Mental Card Routine by Nick Conticello

Tarbell Course contributor Nick Conticello follows his debut The Shadow Placement with three more sensational new effects requiring only an ordinary deck of 52 cards and a clear head to perform. One sleight is required; we include The Widdershins Cut, an effective and simple false cut.

Contents include:

1. THOUGHT CAUGHT: An unprepared deck is shuffled by the performer and cut by the spectator. Two piles of cards are dealt out. The spectator thinks of a card in one of the piles and buries the selection in the deck himself. The performer scans the cards quickly, and removes one card, which turns out to be the selection. No...

★★★ $15
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Werner Miller
Sub Rosa 8 by Werner Miller

More new math-based and self-working magic tricks from Werner Miller.

  • Baby ACAAN
  • en passant
  • 6 5 2
  • Hen Party
  • Roll Call
  • Double Foursome
  • Teaser
  • On the Left, on the Right
  • … and in the Middle
  • Three of a Color
  • Milk Run
  • Dyad I
  • Dyad II
  • Five Pairs
  • 4 1 / 4 2
  • 4 2 / 4 3
  • Open ESPrediction
  • Voilà!
  • In File
  • Another Choreography

1st edition 2014, 28 pages.

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Nick Conticello
The Shadow Placement by Nick Conticello

Here you will learn several stunning sleight-less card routines which are based on a principle that while not new, already Alex Elmsley and others before him have explored it, is brought to new prominence by Nick Conticello. Using this idea he has created stunning card routines that require no sleight of hand. Nevertheless, the occasional false cut or false shuffle can greatly enhance these pieces. Nick teaches an effective false cut, the Widdershins Cut.

  • The 23rd Card
  • The 28th Card
  • The Shadow Divination
  • The Widdershins Cut
  • The Three Predictions

1st edition 2014, 16 pages.

★★★★ $12
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Gerard Zitta
Darwin by Gerard Zitta

A classic mathematical principle with two piles.

This is an old mathematical principle used in many card effects. Most of the effects were done with 52 cards. But the principle works with any number of cards (or business cards). This manual explains the principle in detail and generalizes the principle. It allows you to predict the last card that will be left after dealing two piles and eliminating the same pile every time. After reading this ebook, you will be able to use any number of cards. The original pile can be any size, the discarded pile can be chosen, and the final card can be...

★★★★★ $10
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Mike Kempner
Face Up Face Down Mentalism by Mike Kempner

You ask the spectator to blindfold you, or you turn around so that you can't see anything that the spectator is doing. You really do not see anything! You ask the spectator to create 5 piles of 10 cards each, so that 50 cards are in play. You tell her to make sure that there are 5 cards face-up and 5 cards face-down in each of those 10 piles. They can be in ANY order, and she is to do all of this ordering in ANY way she wants, without telling you (and, of course, you can't see anything that she is doing).

You then let her know that you are going to separate each pile of 10 cards blindfolded...

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Erivan Vazquez
The Cards Will Back You Up 2.0 by Erivan Vazquez

The basic effect as seen by your spectators is that you can read minds and see through the cards as if you had X-ray eyes.

  • The deck can be shuffled
  • You never know the spectator's card
  • You never look at the faces of the cards after the selection is made
  • No multiple outs
  • No special decks or props required
This is an updated version of the first publication of The Cards Will Back You Up. In this new version you will find some corrections that were made due to the fact that the version described in the first edition did not work one hundred percent of the times. With the "new" (or corrected...
★★★★★ $2.49
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Mike Kempner
Photographic Memory Experiment by Mike Kempner

Have you ever wanted to hypnotize someone to have a photographic memory? Now, you can create this illusion using a fantastic principle applied in an innovative way. This effect uses only a deck of playing cards (which can be borrowed, no set-up required at fact, you don't even touch the cards). After the spectator randomly shuffles the deck, you ask her to quickly glance at each card. Under the premise of a hypnotic induction, you then cause her to remember the location of any cards. Let's assume she is "tested" to locate, for example, the 2 of hearts and the 7 of spades. If she says...

★★★★ $4
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Werner Miller
Sub Rosa 7 by Werner Miller

More new math-based and self-working magic tricks from Werner Miller.

  • Two Questions
  • Under/Down Sandwich
  • Tag Team
  • Lie + Truth = ?
  • 1 + 3 = 4
  • Take Five
  • A Nest of Predictions
  • Viale
  • As the Saying Goes
  • Echo
  • Arc de Triomphe
  • Determined I
  • Determined II
  • Diligent
  • Parallels
  • Ambitious Symbols
  • Tornado Spotting
  • Pairs I
  • Pairs II
  • Dance of the Symbols
1st edition 2014, PDF 31 pages.
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Ken de Courcy
Count Down by Ken de Courcy

Very easy to do, impromptu and with a big effect! What else would you ask? Count Down by Ken de Courcy is a card trick that you can present in several ways, all well explained in this little manuscript.

The basic effect is the following: A spectator shuffles his own pack (Yes! It can be his own pack of cards and he really shuffles it...), then counts ten cards in a reverse order. If a number of spots on a card happens to match the number he is counting aloud at the time, the card is thrown out face-up. If none match during the count, a card is dealt face down in front of the magician.


★★★★ $3
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David Devlin
Immortal by David Devlin

Have you ever wanted to take a deck of cards, and make your spectators truly believe that you are perhaps the greatest card sharp ever? David Devlin loves gambling routines, especially Poker deals. This just might be one of the most mind-numbing Poker deals created. And best of all, there is no real technical skill required! It is 99% self-working!

Here is the effect: A deck is shuffled, and placed in front of a spectator who is told to cut it about in half. This is done, and it is explained that a four-hand Poker game is going to be dealt. The spectator is asked to name any hand of Poker....

★★★★★ $10
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David Devlin
Brain Scam by David Devlin

Move over, "Three Card Monte"! There is a new BAD ASS kid in town. His name is, "Brain Scam", and He takes no prisoners!

David Devlin has created a fool-proof scam that seems so fair and so honest; suckers cannot wait to plunk down their cash and play the game. The odds of the suckers winning the game seem so much in their favor, and so against the performer that it looks like super easy money for them. The reality, however, is that the suckers cannot win. Not ever. No matter what. It will not happen!

Here is the hustle:

Three cards are given to a spectator. They are a Jack of Clubs,...

★★★★ $10
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Devin Knight
Auto-Spell Deck by Devin Knight

A spectator freely selects a card (no force) the card is pushed into the center of the deck. The magician gives the deck one cut and immediately spells to the card. A No Memory Self-Working Miracle.

Effect: The performer shows a deck of cards to be well mixed and hands the deck to a participant to cut as many times as he likes. The performer tells the participant to stop cutting whenever he wants and that the top card of the deck will be his selected card. The performer asks the participant to look at the top card of the deck while he looks away. The participant is then instructed to take...

★★★★ $9
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Paul Voodini
Coffee Break Mental Magic #3: Holmes and Moriarty by Paul Voodini

The third edition of Coffee Break Mental Magic is a Sherlock Holmes special to celebrate the launch on January 1st of the third series of BBC TV's wonderful Sherlock programme! This PDF features a self-working card routine (the only equipment you need is a normal deck of cards) that explores the eternal dance between the Great Detective and the King of Crime, Sherlock Holmes and Professor Moriarty! What is the unbreakable bond that links these two men? Why is it that they battle to destroy each other and yet neither can exist without the other? Holmes & Moriarty - the Yin & Yang of crime and...

★★★★ $2.50
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Eddie Joseph & Paul Gordon
The Complete Dumbfounders with Cards by Eddie Joseph & Paul Gordon

This is a reproduction of Dumbfounders with Cards and More Dumbfounders with Cards two often overlooked booklets by Eddie Joseph on math based card effects. Some principles predate ideas rediscovered by Edward Marlo and Stewart James. (The ebook has been prepared by Paul Gordon.)

The writing of Joseph is somewhat terse and hard to read, but the effects and principles are great. This ebook includes some comments by Peter Duffie and Roger Crosthwaite.

  • Dumbfounders with Cards
    • The Tobba Mystery
    • Who Knows The Card?
    • Incredulously True
    • Two Secret Thoughts
    • Memory Phenomenal
    • Over the Wire
    • The Mystic Queen
    • One-Eye Joe
    • The Expert Cuts
    • Can You See Your...
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Simon Caine
The Stained Glass Effect by Simon Caine

A deck is borrowed from a spectator. The deck is shuffled by the spectator. They select a card and commit it to memory. Nothing is forced, no card is mentioned out loud.

A second spectator is thinking of any number between 1 and 52, the card is replaced and the deck is further mixed. Nothing is forced, no number is mentioned out loud.

Only after both spectators are satisfied with the random state of the deck are the freely chosen card and number named out loud (only if they want! This information can stay unknown to the performer the whole time.)

The performer does not touch the deck,...

★★★★ $10
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Paul Gordon
Explorations by Paul Gordon

This ebook explores three mathematical principles of card magic.

The Gordon Principle which was inspired by the Eddie Joseph/Ed Marlo Automatic Placement.

STuDFuTS is an idea, inspired by Henry Christ's thinking.

The Free-Cut Principle is an idea by Gene Finnell.

  • Foreword (Peter Duffie)
  • Introduction
  • The Gordon Principle
    • Master Effect
    • Manila Cards
    • Creepie Jeepers
    • Trade Secrets (Peter Duffie)
    • GP Going Bizarre (Peter Duffie)
  • STuDFuTS
    • Master Idea and Routine
    • A Favoured Routine
    • STuDFuTS Set-up
    • Another Favourite STuDFuTS
  • More Effects
    • Psychic Math (Peter Duffie)
    • Range Rover (Peter Duffie)
★★★★★ $10
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Paul Gordon
Carbon Footprints by Paul Gordon

It is a long time since Simon Aronson rocked the magic world with "Shuffle-Bored". Variations by Harry Lorayne "Equaliser", Aldo Colombini "Pre-Deck-Ability", Ali Bongo, John Bannon "Wait Until Dark" followed.

At first glance, Carbon Footprints may seem the same as some the above-mentioned concepts. It isn't! And, to make sure - Paul checked with Simon Aronson himself. He agreed.

With contributions by Joe Rindfleisch and Jon Racherbaumer.

1st edition 2008, 38 pages.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. The Basic Concept (Gordon)
  3. A Very Royal Flush (Gordon)
  4. Impromptu Startler (Gordon)
  5. Impromptu Startler II (Gordon)
  6. Impromptu Startler With Selection...
★★★★★ $10
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Aldo Colombini
Dream Deal by Aldo Colombini

An unbelievable routine in three phases with a regular deck of cards and totally impromptu. You have in your possession a great effect by the late George Blake. The routine, in three phases, starts by having you dealing four 'hands' of five cards each. A spectator selects a packet and thinks of a card and you reveal it. The card is placed back in the deck and again, with a different method, you reveal it. Once again, the card is replaced and revealed with a third way to conclude a very exciting routine. All three phases involve spelling. The effect needs no set-up, can be done with a borrowed deck of cards,...

★★★★ $10
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MP4 (video)

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