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Magic Handbook (Science and Mechanics)
by Science and Mechanics


(2 reviews, 8 customer ratings) ★★★★

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Magic Handbook (Science and Mechanics) by Science and Mechanics

This is the only all magic issue of Science and Mechanics magazine. It includes a cross section of magic effects from illusions with building instructions, to various close-up effects and mentalism. The emphasis with this magazine was to encourage readers to build their own. It therefore has a distinct DIY feel. The magic consultants for this issue were William B. Gibson, Sidney H. Radner, Litzka Raymond, and Victor D. Dressner.

  • COVER STORY: Famous Knife Box Illusion
  • EXCLUSIVE FEATURE: Escapes—Special Form of Magic
    • About Magic
    • Magic Black-Art Table
    • Magical Appliances
    • Present Your Own Magic Show
    • Sliding Die Box
    • Cabalistic Cube
    • Wrist Chopper
    • Baffling Blocks
    • Cake in a Hat
    • Three Silk Tricks
    • Card Found in a Balloon
    • Candle from the Pocket
    • Crystal Casket
    • Strange Riddle of Magnetic Milk
    • Mental Pack
    • Flash Production Tube
    • Glass Balanced on Card
    • Penetration of Solid Through Solid
    • Appearing Card in a Frame
    • Chemical Magic
    • Vanishing Glass of Water
    • Tube and Ropes
    • Traveling Wand
    • Escape from a Packing Box
    • Vanishing Made Easy
    • Wrist Stock Escape
    • Vanishing Glass of Milk
    • 3-Dimensional Jigsaw Perplexture
    • Evaporating Milk
    • Ink into Water
    • Small Silk to Full-Size Egg
    • Flying Handkerchief
    • Breakaway Vanishing Box
    • Making and Solving Puzzles
    • Matchbox and Ribbon Mystery
    • Chinese Rice Canisters
    • Close-up Rising Cards
    • Confetti Becomes Candy
    • Handkerchief Production Cabinet
    • Produce Beautiful Silks
    • Spirit Slate Trick
    • Vanishing Bowl of Water
    • Spooky Card Trick
    • Block, Frame, and Ribbon Trick
    • 68 Table-Top Tricks
      • Record Lights Tube
      • The Six Pile
      • The Reappearing Ball
      • Balanced Water
      • Cord-Arm Escape
      • Drink Up
      • Obedient Matchbox
      • Juice Writing
      • Card Sharp
      • Pull the Pacer
      • The Floating Straw
      • Chew Two Strings into One
      • What Brand?
      • Rearranging Molecules
      • Tug of War
      • Written in the Cards
      • Cutting the Cards
      • Name the Coin
      • A Light Matter
      • Perfect Balance
      • Confetti from an Egg
      • Three Coins into Four
      • Dry Sand
      • A Floating Filter
      • Hot Money?
      • Box Up Your Sleeve
      • Pocket Mind Reading
      • Make Dimes Disappear
      • Cord Through Wrist
      • Pick the Card
      • Matches Meet Their Match
      • Reverse Shell Game
      • Card Stands on End
      • Carry Fire in Your Hands
      • Where Does the Money Go?
      • Disk Meets Coin
      • Magnetic Personality?
      • Flip a Coin
      • Pop!— Goes the Pencil
      • Magnetic Fingertips
      • Ball Space Rider
      • Disappearing Match
      • N o Strings on These Rings
      • Domino Numbers
      • N ow You See It; Now You Don't
      • Match Tongs
      • Quick-Change Checkers
      • Water-Drinking Spirits
      • What Makes It Float?
      • Cigarette Follows Lead
      • Diving Eye Dropper
      • Coin from an Empty Box
      • One or Two Balls
      • Disappearing Sugar
      • "Thin Air " Force
      • Shifting Dice
      • Flaming Fission
      • The Shell Game
      • Human Egg Factory
      • Matches Obey Command
      • Pencil-in-the-Box
      • Orange Picking
      • Seeing with Your Hands
      • Stand Match on End
      • Magnetic Paper
      • The Uncut Paper
      • Name the Color
      • Drop the Coin
    • Sleight-of-Hand Tricks
    • Egyptian Torture Cabinet
    • Thurston's Spirit Cabinet
    • Thurston's Rising Card Trick
    • Floating Piano
    • Cannon and Trunks
    • Million Dollar Mystery
    • Upside Down Mystery
    • How to Saw a Woman in Half

1st edition 1962, No. 589, 160 pages.
word count: 99174 which is equivalent to 396 standard pages of text

Reviewed by Lynn Fox
★★★★★   Date Added: Friday 02 July, 2021

I have enjoyed magic for many years now, but my first love interest has always been things mechanical. Perhaps it is from my dad having magazines like these from science and mechanics, Popular mechanics, mechanics illustrated, etc. So to find this special magic addition several years ago was quite special. As I review it again now I am impressed with the scope of the magic effects shown. It even includes the Million dollar mystery. A pretty big effect! Interestingly the introduction notes that you don’t have to dress like a magician. This was in 1967 no less. Doug Henning and his hippie look had not even hit the stage! A great collector item and a great resource.

Reviewed by Michael Lyth
★★★★★   Date Added: Wednesday 16 May, 2018

I have a physical original copy in my working library it is is like the masked magician in paper back or a early Patrick Page Big Book of Magic secrets are old but well worth the read for beginners as is the Patrick Page book you just have to adapt to today's market.

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