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Magic Mine No. 1 by Stewart James

Twelve tried, tested and proven, practical tricks that you will delight in using in your club and stage shows.

The apparatus requires no complicated mechanical ability to produce. Nor is great skill required to perform. Previously sold for the equivalent of more than $16.00 in today's money.


Silversion: A borrowed coin is passed into a hermetically sealed bottle. Both may be examined.

Cheerio Glass: A complete disappearance of a 4-inch tumbler. No trick tables or tubes.

Squaring the Square: A unique effect with a piece of paper and a pair of scissors.

Count of Monte Carlo: A routine for a principle that has formerly worked uncertainly, which now makes it 100% effective each and every time.

Double Ring Ceremony: Borrowed rings caused to penetrate an unprepared rope - no knots.

An Easter Mystery: A problem with three eggs is solved with a borrowed hat in an unorthodox manner.

Gofar Ball: Vanished ball reappears in an inverted tumbler partially covered with a tube. Spectator removes ball and examines all. Only one ball is used.

Astral Dagger: Straws held by spectator cut in halves with the astral counterpart of a visible dagger. Merely doing the trick annihilates the gimmick.

Let the Chips Fall: Patriotic balls with poker chips - only one chip dropped each time. No preparation. Each chip is heard to drop. Only chips seen are used.

Unwritten Predictions: A direct method. This principle found favor with Annemann.

Slatest: Selected picture appears on the usual slate in color selected. Unusual method.

Hotelepathy: A novel mystery with a toy store suitcase. A real surprise climax. Routines are given with and without a familiar dealer's item.

There you have it, twelve tested effects by the creative brain of the great Stewart James.

"Fine tricks for casual performance or for stage." - Lloyd E. Jones

"One excellent feat is 'Gofar Ball', in which a ball disappears from a tube and travels invisibly to an inverted tumbler which is partially concealed by a second tube. The transposition takes place while they watch every move you make, too!" - John Braun

1st edition 1957, PDF 45 pages.
word count: 10180 which is equivalent to 40 standard pages of text