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Magicseen No. 17 (Nov 2007)
by Mark Leveridge & Graham Hey & Phil Shaw

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Magicseen No. 17 (Nov 2007) by Mark Leveridge & Graham Hey & Phil Shaw
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Vol. 3, No. 5, November 2007; 68 pages.

Jay Sankey reflects on his former life as a stand-up comedian and discusses his unlikely role as creator, producer, and host of "Spellz," a new Canadian television series designed to teach children the art of magic. He also presents his view of the line between legitimate instruction and exposure.

  1. Welcome
  2. Letters
  3. News
  4. Boris Wild: In this interview, Boris talks about his L&L DVD project. Among other things, he also discusses creativity, the value of English, and a sneak peek at some new stuff he's working on.
  5. News
  6. So You Want to...Market Your Own Ideas (Mark Leveridge) Magic dealer Mark Leveridge offers some advice about releasing your creation. He discusses the four marketing motivations, three distribution methods, how to become a magic dealer, and concludes with a substantial list of established UK dealers who are equipped to market your creation.
  7. News
  8. Paul Pleasants: Interview
  9. Mark Townsend: A man leaves the priesthood to become a professional magician.
  10. Jay Sankey (interviewed by David Acer)
  11. Masterclass
    • "Assembly" by Jozsef Kovacs: An ungaffed ace assembly with a kicker wherein three previously selected cards are found reversed in each packet.
    • "Surprise Prediction" by Wolfgang Riebe: The performer offers to demonstrate his ability to force a volunteer into choosing a specific object from among several on a table. While the volunteer isn't looking, the rest of the audience is shown a paper with the name of the object written on it. However, the trick apparently goes awry when the volunteer picks the wrong object. The performer magically fixes the mistake by revealing that the paper now has the wrong object crossed out and the correct object written in its place.
  12. Think Tank: Performing for people with physical disabilities (blind, deaf, amputees, etc.).
  13. Reviews
    • Mitox by Phil Smith
    • The Real Secrets of Magic DVD - Vol.2 by David Stone and Jean-Luc Bertrand
    • The Magic Business by Michael Bailey
    • Calculations by Stephen Tucker
    • George McBride - The DVD (Big Blind Media)
    • ZED+ (World Magic Shop)
    • Party Animal DVD by Matthew J. Dowden
    • Mel Mellers - 2 DVD set (RSVP Magic)
  14. Handling Delays (Elliott Smith & Ian Quick): What can be done about delays? Smith and Quick present some management tips for your clients who fail to begin their engagements at the appointed times.
  15. Golden Age of Magic (Nick Fletcher): A look at British magic during the early 1950's.
  16. Conjuring For Canines (Lawrence Turner): Heard of "confuse a cat"? Well, here's one very bored magician's quest for tricks to daze his dogs.
  17. Welcome To The Clinic: Q's and A's with Dr. Normansell on the pandemic "Magic Malfunction". If you've got the disease, then he's got the cure.
  18. Magic Bar (Stuart Bowie): A report concerning the U.K's only magic bar.
  19. Back Issues

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