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by Stefan Olschewski


(2 reviews, 5 customer ratings) ★★★★★

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Mes(s)merize by Stefan Olschewski

"Brilliant and clever indeed. Shades of Clearly Predictable and Casino Royale. I'm sure many of us old-timers have incorporated various facets of this gem in our work, but this gentleman has forged a total masterpiece. If I were still in the saddle I would put this puppy to work. It could be used as an opener, however it's a little long winded. As a closer I think it would truly be a standing ovation masterwork of mentalism. I'll keep it close to the vest." - Larry Becker

This is much more than just a mental effect. Mes(s)merize by Stefan Olschewski is a brand-new application of an ingenious principle that enables you to make your act more vivid, personal and interactive. Your audience will experience an ULTRA CLEAN prediction of RANDOM thoughts that involves every single spectator and plays huge even on the largest stage:

A clear wine-glass is seen on a table center-stage, containing a black envelope with a prediction. Before or during the show, the spectators are asked to concentrate on a single thought, write it down on a card and seal it in an opaque envelope. They really can write down whatever they like, there is no force whatsoever. At your command, they all throw their envelopes onto the stage creating a mess on the floor (hence the title of the effect “Mes(s)merize”). A random spectator selects any one of the envelopes (again: NO force!). Let’s assume the thought inside reads “ICECREAM”. SHE removes the prediction from the glass and opens it. SHE reads the prediction aloud: it matches the freely selected thought! Now for the FINAL kicker: The lady is asked to open up the crumpled paper ball that was used to randomly select her as a volunteer. It reads: “Tonight, a beautiful lady called Annie will think of ICECREAM!”

  • The spectator is randomly selected
  • No switch of the paper ball
  • No stooges
  • No secret assistants
  • No pre-show
  • No fumbling
  • No sleeving
  • No electronics
  • They can really write down any thought
  • The other envelopes may be opened to show they all contain different words
  • Prediction envelope has a DIFFERENT color than the rest of the envelopes
  • Spectator opens and reads the prediction herself
  • You never touch the prediction
  • Spectator may keep the prediction and envelope, both are completely unprepared
The unique principle taught in this eBook offers literally hundreds of applications, only limited by your imagination. It can even be used for memorable publicity stunts. Are you ready to “mes(s)merize” your audience!?

The PDF includes more than a dozen additional ideas for mes(s)merizing routines by Greg Arce, Luca Volpe and Mike Ince!

"I think it's a terrific prediction, and I love the final punch-finish. Clever, and very practical." - Peter Duffie

"I'm impressed. I think this is something Ted Lesley would have been proud of. The method is strong, simple, straightforward and uncluttered as it should be. Bravo!" - Mike Ince

"There are only few great opening effects on the market. Yours is one of them. The idea where all the people throw the envelopes on stage is really great. I like the mess...!" - Luca Volpe

"It's perfect. The method is wonderfully simple and direct and I image it plays extremely well. I give it my highest recommendation." - Sean Waters

"Brilliant yet simple, the only way to do it." - Marc Salem

1st edition 2011; 26 pages.
word count: 7841 which is equivalent to 31 standard pages of text

Reviewed by Brian Reaves (confirmed purchase)
★★★★★   Date Added: Thursday 21 March, 2024

What I love about this is the apparent impossibility of the ending, along with the overwhelming fairness of the audience's involvement in the process. If you are doing a parlor show, this is a fantastic way of beginning things. People can truly write down whatever thoughts they want, and you are working a miracle in the process. The props are indeed "pack small play big" and the one-time setup won't take that long. You'll need at least 20 people involved in this for safety's sake, but other than that there aren't really that many limitations. You can have just about any word as the reveal at the end, so bookend it to something else in your act.

Reviewed by Ray Doetjes
★★★★★   Date Added: Sunday 30 January, 2011

Every now and then there's a truly wonderful ebook for sale and this is one of them.

I had an idea how the effect was done but when reading it I saw that another known method was applied and I had an: "Why haven't I thought of that before!" moment; having been in my act in another shape before. This is definitely something that I will add to an act at some point in a different shape.