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Mind and Magic Magazine
by Ted Lesley


(1 review, 1 customer rating) ★★★★

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Mind and Magic Magazine by Ted Lesley

This is the legendary magazine by Ted Lesley. It is filled with contributions by people such as Larry White, Phil Goldstein (aka Max Maven), Ken de Courcy, Banacheck, Paul Alberstat, Toni Forster, Larry Becker and others. Of course, also Ted's own creations are featured.

ISSUE 1 (July 1997)

  • The Editor Writes
  • The Bermuda Bottle (Larry White)
  • Personal Possessions (Ken de Courcy)
  • Just Chintz (Phil Goldstein)
  • Psychokinetic Banknight (Ted Lesley)
  • Aura-Prediction (Prof. Dr. Toni Forster)
ISSUE 2 (August 1997)
  • Editorial
  • Add-A-Riggs (John Riggs)
  • Geller For Dinner (Ken de Courcy)
  • Double-Decker (Mike Porstmann)
  • Terry Goes Mental (Terry Seabrooke)
  • The Raffle (Pat Fallon)
ISSUE 3 (September 1997)
  • The Editors Write
  • Combo Lock Combo (Mark Garetz)
  • Crowd Pleaser (Larry Becker)
  • Un-Capped (Larry White)
  • The Box (Ted Lesley)
ISSUE 4 (October 1997)
  • The Editors Write
  • Getting Away With Murder (Karrell Fox)
  • Al Zymer Graphology (Larry Becker)
  • Rings on Their Fingers (Ken de Courcy)
  • Perfect Pocket-Watch (Boretti and Ted Lesley)
  • Some Thoughts on a Different Wavelength ... (John Wade)
ISSUE 5 (November 1997)
  • The Editors Write
  • Party Pateo (Ken de Courcy)
  • Hieroglyphe-Trick (Larry White)
  • Black Magic III (Eckhard Böttcher and Ted Lesley)
  • The Black and White 21st Century Silks (Pat Fallon)
ISSUE 6 (December 1997)
  • The Editors Write
  • The Seven-Cornered Handkerchief (Billy McComb)
  • A Clever Party Stunt (Quentin Reynolds)
  • The Necklace in the Light Bulb (Larry White)
  • Heads? Or Tails? (Ken de Courcy)
ISSUE 7 (January 1998)
  • The Editors Write
  • No Sweat Bank Night (Bob Siepielski)
  • Subliminal Persuasion (Paul Alberstat)
  • Tournamental (Phil Goldstein)
  • Ring-Out (Ken de Courcy)
  • Borrowed Ring on Brandy Snifter (Bruce Kalver)
  • Voo Doo You (John Riggs)
ISSUE 8 (February 1998)
  • The Editor Writes
  • Comedy - Club - Routine (Steven Banacheck Shaw)
  • My Word Against Yours (Larry White)
  • The IRS Divination (Ken de Courcy)
  • No Sleight Centre Tear (Paul Alberstat)
ISSUE 9 (March 1998)
  • The Editor Writes
  • Silent Orders (Ken de Courcy)
  • The Twitch Trick (Pete Biro)
  • ImPRESSive (Maurice Nicole)
  • High Tech Wizard (Mike Rogers)
  • Stage-Size Epic (Larry White)
  • Confabulation In the Sock (John Riggs and Ted Lesley)
  • Ideas Galore (Paul Alberstat)
ISSUE 10 (April 1998)
  • The Editor Writes
  • The Golden Gamble (Ken de Courcy)
  • ESP Stack (Lee Earle)
  • Penetring (John Hawken)
  • Always Safe (Paul Alberstat)
  • Utility Altar Light (Bobby Bernard)
  • Origami-Telekinesis (Ted Lesley)
  • The Magic Hot Spot (Pat Fallon)

1st edition 1997, 160 pages.
word count: 53751 which is equivalent to 215 standard pages of text

Reviewed by Alexander Wolf (confirmed purchase)
★★★★   Date Added: Thursday 25 June, 2020

This is very worth having. It is practical and interesting. A magazine without much card work.

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