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Mind Pieces
by Paul Hallas

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Mind Pieces by Paul Hallas

Paul's first ebook in a while and his first on mental effects since Mentalism with Cards.

Effects included are:

In the Image of Jaks
A quicker version of an old Jaks routine with a couple of presentation options suggested. This is a great routine which has no explanation except that you must be psychic. Some jumbo ESP cards are mixed, some envelopes are mixed, the cards are placed in the envelopes while the performer is well away from the proceedings. The mentalist can now reveal the contents of the envelopes and possibly give information about the people who assisted.

Son of Cidentaquin
Another jumbo ESP card effect. A shortened version of a Howard Adams classic intended for stand up use. First you read someone's mind, then show they had psychic ability too.

Not Slate of Mind
Starts of like an effect most know but isn't. You can use a slate, whiteboard, clear plastic board or no board at all. An old prediction effect updated. No gaffed cards so you can use alphabet cards, tarot cards, whatever you like. The no board idea is intended for close up use.

Bandits (The Human Slot Machine)
Independently created, Paul's version of the Human Slot Machine plot. This involves three people to form a human slot machine, jumbo number cards and a prediction of a possible payout.

The Aura Test
A participant appears to correctly sense colored auras from photographs. Could be performed stand up or close up.

Monster Hunt Revisited
Monster Hunt appeared in Paul's book OOPS Magic and Mentalism. A slight tweak on that routine. In this format the photos are easier to print out. You just need to supply your own monsters. A selected monster moves around cards, eventually you predict which monster and where he is trapped. Close up routine.

It's Just Words
Using an old Stewart James routine as an inspirational starting point, Paul expands on that and offers various word lists that can be printed off onto card for word tests. A variety of options are presented and it is possible to combine more than one test together as some of the lists are prepared for more than one effect. Less weight than carrying books around and packs flat! Additional props are required for some of these routines.

1st edition 2020, PDF 50 pages.
word count: 15862 which is equivalent to 63 standard pages of text