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by Dr. Bill Cushman


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Mirabill by Dr. Bill Cushman

Now, one of the mentalism's greatest "self-working" effects has been simplified to the point where it really is self-working! One early reviewer referred to Mirabill as "Miraskill minus the skill."

"He told me to bring a deck of cards and we'd play a friendly game. Never trust a man who calls a game friendly."

"I still can't fathom how it happened. They were my cards. I shuffled. I dealt. Yet somehow he still knew ahead of time exactly how things would turn out."

"If it had happened once I might have convinced myself he just got lucky. But the second time destroyed any such thoughts. How could he have known precisely how the cards would fall?"

"My every decision, the play of random cards, twists of fate only Dame Fortune should have had a clue about; did he foresee or control them?"

Stuart James Miraskill, first published in the September 1936 edition of The Jinx, has rightfully earned its place as a classic effect of mentalism. It is one of the most famous contributions to The Jinx and has certainly enjoyed its share of attention and variations.

Though often hailed as "self-working" some sleight of hand was required. Ingenious alternatives have been explored but none quite like Mirabill.

The premise remains the same. The mentalist predicts how the red and black cards will fall when dealt from a borrowed and shuffled deck. And then, just to prove it wasn't luck, does it again with an entirely different and even more mind-blowing outcome.

There is no palming, no extra props, no sleights whatsoever and Mirabill is totally impromptu and can be done with any borrowed deck at any time. The entire effect takes place in your guest's hands and has been streamlined so it plays more quickly and with even more punch than the original!

In addition The Twist is taught, pitting two guests against one another in a unique way that drastically changes the appearance of the game while maintaining all of the advantages of Mirabill. Last but not least, an additional ebook, The Mirabill Supplement is included. The Supplement was the result of the swift, immensely positive response to Mirabill in the mentalism and magic community. It includes ideas and effects from Greg Arce, Jerome Finley, Mike Sturgeon, Tony Iacovello, Deddy Corbuzier, Joshua Quinn, Jim Callahan and John Bannon.

"Bill has taken a modern classic and put some nice touches into it. He's made it into an "untouched" routine... it all happens in the spectator's hands. It's a kind of remote viewing experiment with almost laboratory conditions. It's always the simple ideas like this one that become the true stunners." - Greg Arce

"I've always avoided this effect because I felt that it was too easy to explain and reason out. But in your presentation, you have breathed new life into it and rekindled my interest in it. This is a wonderful modification, and is superbly written." - Tony Eye

For a version you can do over the phone see Telephone Bill.

1st edition 2008; 9 pages.

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