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New Sorcerer
by Martin Breese


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New Sorcerer by Martin Breese

This is quite an unusual magic magazine. It ran from March 1992 to January 1994 with only 6 issues, but it was from the start planned that way. Each issue was formatted along the lines of another famous magazine from the past.

Martin Breese writes in his introduction:

This will be unlike any other magical magazine ever published, in that each issue will reproduce the format, some of the contents, and the covers of a different magical magazine from the past.

Included in the lineup are Pentagram, The Magic Wand, Wizard, Max Andrews' Magic Magazine, Routine, The Wizard (Selbit).


  • Issue 1 (Pentagram)
    • Your Fate in a Teacup (Peter Warlock)
    • Octext (Phil Goldstein)
    • Review: "Randy Wakeman Presents" (John Holland)
    • The Hilliard Syndrome (Peter Warlock)
    • Devilish Sorcery (Charles Cameron)
    • Sucker Silks Routine - Part 1 (Ken Brooke)
    • Review: "David Copperfield Live" (T.A. Waters)
    • Tissue Paper Monte (Tom Sellers)
  • Issue 2 (Magic Wand)
    • Objective (Roy Johnson)
    • True Hue (Phil Goldstein)
    • Review: "Lifesavers-Michael Weber" (John Holland)
    • Collusion Illusion (Bob Gill)
    • Overcon (Bob Farmer)
    • Sucker Silks Routine - Part 2 (Ken Brooke)
    • Octext - Revisited (Phil Goldstein)
  • Issue 3 (Wizard)
    • Oil and Water Plus (Dave Campbell)
    • Boston Box Routine (Dean Nicholas)
    • The Race Is On (Bob Gill)
    • Al Koran's Miracle Wallet Routine (Ken Brooke)
  • Issue 4 (Magic Magazine)
    • A-Musing (Al Smith)
    • Confusion Delusion (Al Smith)
    • Duplicity (Dave Campbell)
    • Ken Brooke's Coin Trick (Ken Brooke)
    • Ideas with Ken Brooke's Coin Trick (Bob Gill)
    • Hilliard Syndrome - Afterthoughts (Walter Brusa)
    • Dean Nicholas' Gypsy Curse Routine (Anthony Owen)
  • Issue 5 (A Magazine of Magic)
    • Making The Trilby Deck (Bob Gill)
    • Trilby Deck Routine (Ken Brooke)
  • Issue 6 (The Wizard)
    • A Card & Egg Trick (Anon)
    • Body Language Challenge (Basil Horwitz)
    • Extra Sensory Prediction (Bob Gill)
    • Invisible Choice (Bob Gill)
    • Boxing Match (Bob Gill)
    • Gyro-Compass (Bob Gill)
    • Cannibals and Missionaries (Dave Campbell)

1st edition 1992, 1st digital edition 2013, 148 pages.
word count: 63461 which is equivalent to 253 standard pages of text