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Pabular: 10 effects from volume 5
by Cameron Francis


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Pabular: 10 effects from volume 5 by Cameron Francis


  • TWINK PLUS (Max Maven): Two cards selected by you and two selected by a spectator match.
  • OLDFINGER (Arthur Setterington): A box contains a finger which is laid on a face-down card. A lady is invited to remove the card. Suddenly the finger comes alive and jump into a vertical position. The card is a duplicate of a previously selection.
  • SECONDS OUT (Al Smith): Simply stated, the effect is that of a quadruple coincidence.
  • KRIX (Al Smith): A version of the Twisting The Aces trick, using the A-2-3-4 of one suit with a surprise ending.
  • EVEN BREAK (Walt Lees): You show two cards and request a spectator to remember one and forget the other. You eliminate one card and the remaining is always the one that spectator remembered. You repeat this three times.
  • TRANS COLLECTION (Steve Hamilton & Peter Duffie): Three cards are placed between the four Aces. Four Kings are placed in the deck. The three cosen card vanish from among the Aces and reappear among the Kings. Clean and startling.
  • PENETRATING (Algonquin McDuff): A penetration of a rope by a finger ring.
  • OIL COLORS (Steve Kuskie): Three red-backed Kings and three blue-backed Aces are made to magically interlace, separate, and interlace once more.
  • SANDWICH ESCAPE (Arthur Setterington): Two business cards are stapled together at each end. A banknote is folded, slotted between the cards, and held by a spectator. You remove the cards, still stapled together.
  • SIMPLE OSCAR (Max Maven): An approach to the Peter Kane 'Wild Card' but no gimmicked cards are used.
  • JAN-KEN-PON (Max Maven): This is a close-up mentalism routine based on a children's game, known as 'Paper-Scissors-Rock.'

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