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Pasteboard Duet
by Dee Christopher

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Pasteboard Duet by Dee Christopher

The Gambler's Peek

This is a simple, impromptu utility move that allows you to know the value of a freely selected card while you square up the face down deck. This move is completely invisible, yet very powerful. This move is taught from multiple angles and an easy card control is also taught to get the selection into the correct position.


Chance is an effect in which you will show your powers of influence over a spectator's decision. This is the perfect opener for a card mentalism set at a table. The premise is very simple, you remove a black card and a red card from the deck and lay them on the table. You mix them so that you are the only one that knows which card is which. You tell the spectator that you will influence their decision; you will make them select the black card. The spectator then has a free choice of which card they would like, your prediction is proven to be correct. There is no equivoque or word play in place here and they can turn over their selection themselves. Simple, practical and direct card mentalism for the modern performer.

runtime 20 minutes