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Pocket Magic Show Bundle
by Hal Saxon

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Pocket Magic Show Bundle by Hal Saxon

  • The starting point for beginners
  • Pocket Magic Show Video and eBook Bundle
  • The Thumb Tip 101 Magic Learning Series
  • The definitive beginner thumb tip magic course
  • 7 downloadable videos 1 hour and 48 minutes of pure gold
  • 3 amazing eBooks with 191 pages and links to 13 additional private videos

What people are saying...

"Hal, this is by far the most comprehensive beginner training for the thumb tip ever! Thank you." - Darrel, Davenport Iowa, USA

"Very well done. I have watched the videos over and over. This is awesome." - Kendall Johnson, California USA

"If you are new to magic, this course is for you. One little gimmick allows you to do a hundred tricks. FIVE STARS." - Emory Hanson, New Jersey USA

Impromptu: adjective: Made or done without previous preparation: An impromptu magic trick thrilled the unsuspecting dinner guests.

Impromptu thumb-tip magic effects are by far some of the most popular and satisfying forms of magic. Impromptu effects appear to be spur of the moment and not prepared in advance. Being able to perform mini miracles at a moment's notice will cement your unquestionable reputation as an authentic magician.

There are perhaps 150-200 core thumb tip effects that work well while performing for a small group. If you will learn to handle a thumb tip properly, you can perform these miracles right under the spectator's nose and they will not see a thumb tip. In fact, the thumb tip is on the thumb a very small percentage of the time.

This Pocket Magic Show course will discuss my absolute favorite thumb tip tricks. Imagine a Pocket Magic Show with 100 or 150 amazing tricks/effects possible right from your pocket. This is the ultimate EDC Every Day Carry. You will skyrocket your Tipistry. (Tipistry means breathtaking thumb tip handling ability, competence, confidence, proficiency, or mastery.)

You will learn:

  • Amazing Vanishes and Productions.
  • Amazing Transpositions.
  • Amazing Transformations.
  • Amazing Restorations.
  • The silk vanish
  • The salt vanish
  • The dollar bill change
  • The torn and restored napkin
  • The cut and restored rope, rubber band or headphones
  • The dime, penny and half dollar vanish
  • The lit cigarette vanish
  • The torn, poured, and restored sweetener packet
  • The opened, seek a piece and restored candy packet
  • The linking chain
  • The nuts and bolts
  • The bank night ez lottery
  • The change purse switcheroo billet switch
  • And more ...

When you learn the methods in this course, you will be able to perform over 150 thumb tip tricks or effects. You will have a true Pocket Magic Show.

1st edition 2023, PDFs 188 pages, videos 1h 48 min.