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Quarks and Quirks (for resale)
by (Benny) Ben Harris

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Quarks and Quirks (for resale) by (Benny) Ben Harris

"Some of the most clever takes on the Torn and Restored Card in years, Ben Harris' Quarks & Quirks is an invigorating journey of topological twists and tears." - Richard Kaufman

A journey beyond the tear, inspired by the weird world of Quantum Physics. In this superbly produced book, filled with photographs Ben Harris shares seven routines. Includes:


A method for apparently tearing a card cleanly in half, while in reality, only tearing one quarter from the card. This sets you up as either a "quarter ahead" or a "quarter behind" depending upon the intended application. There are no false looking moves. This is a powerful jumping off point for many yet-to-be created effects.


A clean and complete vanish of a full playing card. Upon being torn into quarters, the card simply pops out of existence! Nothing to add or take away, you are 100% clean - the card really is gone.


A little twisting motion depicting "turning back the hands of time" resulting in the visible restoration of one or two quarters of playing card in succession (depending upon the application). Includes Turn Back Time creative challenge.


A playing card is torn fairly in half. Suddenly the space between the two halves switches polarity. One moment the card is torn in half width wise, the next moment it is torn in half lengthwise. For a fleeting moment it exists torn in both directions at once! A nominated corner from one half then vanishes and appears on the other. Naturally, the remaining corner matches perfectly.


A signed card vanishes while being torn into quarters. It reappears under controlled conditions in the examined deck.


A striking finish for the basic Hoodwink! handling with the restored card shattering into four pieces.


It's taken almost 20 years, but here, at last, is an examinable method for the acclaimed Hoodwink! Torn and Restored Card. WINK WINK is a full-feature routine that is examinable in the restored state. Yet it remains true to the Hoodwink! design brief - self-contained, no extra pieces. The struggle to stay within the Hoodwink! Parameters. The Two Card Configuration, new tearing procedure, etc. Advanced "piece in each hand" solution.

1st edition 2000, 39 pages, photo-illustrated

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