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Rudy Roxo

Rudy Roxo

(Chicago, Illinois: 24th May 1913 - Traverse City, Michigan: 1st June 1974)

Rudy Roxo was the stage name of Clayton Lowell Jacobsen a semi-pro comedy act with small effects and illusions. In 1930, at age 17, he began giving paid magic performances. When he wasn't performing, Jacobsen was employed as a machinist for the Packard and Rolls Royce auto manufacturers. He used his mechanical abilities to build stage props for his use, as well as for other performers. Worked briefly with Thayer's until Jan 1950 when he bought the name and stock of retail supplies from Bill Larsen and moved the business to Traverse City, Michigan, where it almost immediately failed, the final catalog (#10) being printed but unpublished.

Wrote (as "Rudy Roxo") Modern Master Magic (1940, 47pp). Tricks in Genii, The Seven Circles, and The Die Box.

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Rudy Roxo
Modern Master Magic by Rudy Roxo

When several of the foremost authors in modern magic collaborate with the owner of one of the most respected magic companies, you just know the result will be a great book. Originally released in a limited edition by the owner of Thayer Magic Studios, the first and only previous edition of this clever collection sold out and has never been reprinted … until now.

Features top-quality effects from Dr. Boris Zola, J. Elder Blackledge, T. Nelson Downs, Edward Bagshawe, M. F. Zens, Harlan Tarbell, Herman L. Weber, T. J. Crawford, and others.

Originally published in a limited edition, priced at more than $33.00 in today's money. Not just jaw-dropping...

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