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by R. Shane


(1 review, 6 customer ratings) ★★★★★

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Pentalogy by R. Shane

"This is the best thing in bizarre magic to have happened to me in years. I am quite taken by the effects, the methods, the props, the presentations and the advice on performing. The results are novel, thoughtful, funny and scary. To be blunt, I wish I had created it all myself."
- Robert Neale, Creator, Author, Life, Death, and Other Card Tricks, Tricks of the Imagination, The Magic Mirror

"Shane is one of the most original and creative writers of practical bizarre material around. Like me you will be enchanted with Shane's imaginative presentations. His stories range from high comedy to subjects far more serious. All are stories that will capture, enchant and remain with your audience in the days to come. In short, this book is for you… I simply cannot give Shane's work anything but my highest recommendation."
- Larry White, Creator, Author, M-U-M Editor

"Cleverly written, solid thinking, skillful wit and charm are but a few of the accolades I would heap on this masterful production. I want to shout to the skies that this is one of the very best books on Bizarre Presentation I have ever had the pleasure of reading. Shane leaves no questions unanswered. He has thought about all the outs. He has developed a style of writing that makes the book impossible to put down, and this is destined to become a classic."
- Ed Solomon, Creator, Author

"Shane has a facility for clearly explaining the goal of each of these routines ... plotting and giving script ... and even more importantly, clearly explaining each and every move in each routine. The content is a distillation of some of the finest work I have run across in my 50 years in and out of magic."
- Gregory Chmara, Author, Creator

"If you are a bizarrist, get this book as soon as you can. If you think you're a bizarrist, get this book now! If you think bizarrists are creepy guys who walk around all day in black cloaks with long pointy beards and pentagram jewelry, I think you'll enjoy seeing the field in a new light, and might even find yourself drawn to it. This is one of the most enjoyable reads I've had in a long time."
- Andy Leviss, Author, Creator, Performer

Pentalogy is a compilation of his five books One, Two, Three, Four, Five.

1st edition 2005, 557 pages.
word count: 216567 which is equivalent to 866 standard pages of text

Reviewed by Phil Reda (confirmed purchase)
★★★★★   Date Added: Saturday 12 May, 2012

Give me more - this is one of the best book purchases I have made - there is so much usable material - Thank You Shane! After reading this book I am looking at all my material from a different perspective. This is what magic is supposed to look like.