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The Best of Spell-Binder Collection One
by Stephen Tucker


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The Best of Spell-Binder Collection One by Stephen Tucker

Eighty-five tricks and routines from the pages of Spell-Binder Magazine. Everything from card and coin magic to the bizarre and the weird.

Effects explained are:

  • Sandwich Box by Stephen Tucker -- Signed selected card appears between 2 previously selected cards within closed card case.
  • Mark by Stephen Tucker -- Alternate version of previous effect.
  • Demonology by Bob Ostin -- Spectator signs card. Flames cause occult symbol to change to slip of paper with name of signed card. Signed card then revealed to have singed corner & occult symbol on back.
  • Esti-Mate-Ion by Joe Dignam -- Spectator looks through deck & selects card. Magician reveals it. It's really that simple.
  • Banned by Stephen Tucker -- Top card of deck pulled upward by spectator visibly penetrates rubber band around deck.
  • Christmas Cord by David Britland -- Comedy cut & restored rope
  • Ladies In Waiting by Peter Duffie -- 2 selected cards appear sandwiched between 3 face-up queens
  • Pockette by Peter Duffie -- Card selected. Ace of Spades buried in deck, found on top. Ace whispers location (pocket) of chosen card.
  • Caught In Time by Roy Walton -- Spectator chooses time of day which is revealed in the cards.
  • Polo 2 by John Fealey -- Roll of Lifesavers broken open to reveal bill. Corner torn from bill changes to coin large enough to pay for roll.
  • Kontract Killer Kards by Stephen Tucker -- Spectator chooses card, found using four kings.
  • American Express by Stephen Tucker & David Britland -- Coin travels from underneath one card to another & cards change places.
  • Printing History by Phil Goldstein -- 4 blank cards to 4 kings.
  • Xmas Time by Stephen Tucker -- 2 spectators look at magician's watch. Each sees it set to different time even though no time to reset it between glimpses.
  • Tinted Glass by Phil Goldstein -- Packet trick in which spectator's chosen card reverses & changes color.
  • Variations Variant by Roger Curzon -- Selected card vanishes from among 4 Aces while spectator holds them.
  • Pentell by Mark Lee -- Cap of pen shrinks.
  • The Magic Coin by William Goldman -- Spectator buys magic coin, keeping corner of bill as receipt. Instructions for magic coin opened, bill found inside.
  • The Twenty-Four Card Trick by William McKay -- Spectator's card found twenty-fourth from top.
  • Red/Black by David Britland -- Red & black Aces switch places.
  • Showcase by Peter Duffie -- Card case melts from around deck.
  • Gandwich by Tim Gan -- Sandwich Card routine.
  • A Fourth For Dinner by David Britland -- Cannibal Cards routine.
  • Born Free by Jerry Sadowitz -- 2 cards named by spectator appear variously at the top, bottom, etc. of deck.
  • Lord Of The Ring by Stephen Tucker -- Stand-up coin routine with audience participation.
  • Mexican Travelers by Steven Hamilton -- 4 Aces travel one at a time from hands to table.
  • Diamond Tip by Jerry Sadowitz -- Packet trick with Ace through 10 of diamonds, with suit change climax.
  • Zap by Stephen Tucker -- Flash appearance of coin in jaws of clothespin.
  • Bodkin by Phil Goldstein -- Transposition between 2 unequal packets of cards.
  • Arc De Triumph by Peter Duffie -- 2 selected cards found face down in face up deck.
  • Two For The Price Of One by Stephen Tucker -- 2 selected cards named, with Torn & Restored card effect to boot.
  • The Musical Deck by Alex East -- Music box movement plays selected tune.
  • Tuesday by Stephen Tucker -- Alternate ending for a Four Ace trick.
  • News Flash by David Britland -- Impromptu mental effect with borrowed newspaper.
  • Inter Flight by Phil Goldstein -- Selected cards vanish from midst of 4 Queens to appear face up in center of deck.
  • Aces A Go-Go by Shiv Duggal -- 4 Aces held between spectator's palms change to selected card.
  • See Shell by David Britland -- Coin with signed label appears embedded in selected card.
  • The Back Is Gone by David Robertson -- All cards except spectator's vanish from 5 card packet. Card revealed to have different back.
  • Rosenthal Reverse by Harvey Rosenthal -- Selected card revealed face up in center of deck.
  • Ambition Accomplished by John McClements -- 2 Aces produced & used in Ambitious Card routine, during which they find selected card.
  • Ssap Kcom Ro Ffulb by Gordon Bruce -- Variation of Bluff Pass.
  • Weird by Stephen Tucker -- Comedy mentalism routine with rubber fingers.
  • Early Riser by Gordon Bruce -- Standup rising card routine that finishes clean.
  • We Three Kings by Stephen Tucker -- 3 Kings appear in card case.
  • Unbeatable by David Britland & Stephen Tucker -- Spectator selects own card from ribbon spread deck. Rest of deck shown to be Jokers.
  • Thumbsucker by Martin Breese -- Comedy routine for magicians only.
  • Whispered by Stephen Tucker -- 3 Queens whisper selected card to magician.
  • U:P by Ian Land -- Elevator Cards routine
  • CSB Through Table by Roger Curzon -- 3 different coins pass through table.
  • Cal Pass by Monmoine Pascal -- Utility move to change one card for another.
  • That'll Do Nicely by David Austin -- Selected card found with help of credit card.
  • Beer Mat by Stephen Tucker -- Selected card appears under glass of beer.
  • By Gum by Gary Osborne -- Coin vanish using sound for misdirection.
  • Whisper Readers by Phil Goldstein -- 4 Jacks help locate chosen cards, which are shown to be marked on backs.
  • Under Wraps by Stephen Tucker -- Selected card appears wrapped in banknote held by spectator.
  • Jasper by Stephen Tucker -- Nice routine using Finger Chopper.
  • Flip Side by Gordon Bruce -- Interesting method for producing coin from 2 cards.
  • Top Deck by Stephen Tucker -- 2 Ambitious Card moves.
  • Snowfall by Stephen Tucker -- Another Ambitious Card move.
  • It's A Swindle by Bill Worsley -- Name chosen at random is found on back of selected card.
  • Ace Rink by Stephen Tucker -- 4 Ace sucker effect.
  • Slydinknot by John Brown -- Knot appears at one end of piece of rope, slides to other, & vanishes.
  • Christmas Cord Knot Again by Stephen Tucker -- Alternate method for previous effect.
  • Fagin by Brian Flannigan -- Card prediction on cigarette packet.
  • Muzarre Vanish by Reinhard Muller -- Variation of Paul Harris' Bizarre Vanish.
  • Stalking by Gary Osborne -- Coins Through Table routine with surprise ending.
  • One Too Many by Ted Lesley -- Coin and then sip of drink travel from one hand to other.
  • Xmas Sale by Daniel Kalinofski -- Utility move for loading coin into purse.
  • Tidier by Ron Dowse -- Utility device for vanishing small objects.
  • Red Rust September by Ian Land -- A Triumph routine in which the backs of two selections change color at climax.
  • Drop Out by Stephen Tucker -- Comedy rising card routine for magicians.
  • Stash Cash by Basil Horwitz -- Copper Silver transposition.
  • Battlefield by Brian Flannigan -- Packet trick in which spectator selects only odd card in packet.
  • Once And Future Kings by David Britland & Stephen Tucker -- Another Cannibal Card routine.
  • Britlandeck by David Britland -- Trick deck routine in which prediction written on back of card proves to be correct.
  • Without A Paddle by Ian Land -- 4 Ace Routine in which selected Ace turns face down.
  • Experience by Stephen Tucker -- Card prediction routine with odd-backed card.
  • Flushtronic by Paul Brignall -- 5 cards shown to be identical. They turn into royal flush.
  • A Thousand Ways by Ian Land -- 3 cards selected & shuffled back into deck. 2 selections appear face up with 3rd selection face down between them.
  • Reflection by Basil Horwitz -- ESP card prediction with 2 identical packets.
  • Twice As Clear by Stephen Tucker -- Chosen card revealed Nth from top of deck where N is a number chosen by spectator.
  • Still Counting by David Britland -- Advertising card helps find selected card.
  • Amalgam by Stephen Tucker -- Mental routine with very clever working.
  • Adder by Stephen Tucker -- Another mental routine.
  • Pursperation by Stephen Tucker -- Coin routine involving borrowed pair of reading glasses.

1st edition 1987; 1st digital edition 2013, 159 pages.
word count: 49447 which is equivalent to 197 standard pages of text


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