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The Hermit Magazine Vol. 2 No. 5 (May 2023)
by Scott Baird

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The Hermit Magazine Vol. 2 No. 5 (May 2023) by Scott Baird


  • Surprise Overture / Chiam Yu Sheng: Phil Goldstein's Overture is given a four-of-a-kind kicker ending.
  • Tap Triple Wild Coin / Scott Baird: David Roth's Stand-up Wild Coin is combined with some bits of business with a pen, and at the end, the coins all change into a third denomination.
  • Impromptu Speller / Kyle Leon: Kyle's handling of an impromptu spelling location. Kyle has added some nice touches to a simple spelling location, making the method harder to backtrack.
  • Spelling to the Aces / Corey Harris: As the title says.
  • Handy Speller / Andy Choy: A wonderful mnemonic method for determining how many letters a card spells with.
  • ACAIN / Michael Pilkey: Any Card at its Name. A card is selected and returned, and then the magician hands the deck over to the spectator. Only then do they name their card out loud, and immediately they can spell right to it.
  • Sandwich to Stack / Chris Bruce: A quick sandwich routine that allows you to end in a stacked deck order.
  • Very First Impression / Patrik Kuffs: A cut and restored card effect, with a mental twist as the card appears to be cut before it's been thought of or named aloud.
  • Choice and Chance / John Carey: A spelling effect that ends with a four-of-a-kind production.
  • The Automatic Bottom Palm / Biz: In Biz's new monthly Sleight Corner, he teaches his automatic bottom palm, disguised in the actions of a swing cut.
  • Splell / Scott Baird: Get into Si Stebbins Stack from new deck order by performing an easily customizable spelling trick with a tongue-in-cheek presentation.
  • Branding and Magic / Scott Baird
  • Inevitable Reinvention / Scott Baird

word count: 19843 which is equivalent to 79 standard pages of text