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Scott Baird

Scott Baird

#1 Magazines & Comics author

(November 1984 - )

Scott Baird is a Canadian magician, illustrator, artist, and writer. His many varied interests have led to some unique experiences, including a brief stint with the military, becoming a professional Chef, and getting behind the counter to work at the local magic shop. In 2007, Scott won the Close-up contest at the PCAM convention in Calgary, performing his version of David Roth's "Portable Hole" routine. He has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in traditional printmaking, and has shown his artwork in galleries around the world. Scott currently produces and illustrates The Hermit Magic Magazine.


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Scott Baird
The Hermit Magazine Vol. 1 No. 1 (January 2022) by Scott Baird

The Hermit Magazine is a new, independent magic magazine that focuses on creativity, engagement, and inspiration. Edited, compiled, and illustrated by Canadian magician Scott Baird, The Hermit pays homage to the magazines of the past while taking advantage of modern technology to provide a clear, readable experience. Featuring contributions from the likes of Chris Mayhew, Harapan Ong, Michal Kociolek, Curtis Kam, Michael Rubinstein, Bill Citino, Rick Holcombe, John Carey, Caroline Ravn (and many more!), the digital pages of The Hermit are packed with articles, effects, sleights and ideas for magicians of any skill level.


2022 / 1 / 14

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